Beyond Belief
Season 9 . 23 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S9:Ep2, The Great Pyramid: Power Plant of Giza with Christopher Dunn (Preview)
Episode 1
52 mins
What will it take to start a new space race which will bring humans to Mars? Despite the struggle to find our footing as we step out into space, Robert Zubrin is confident that one day we will not just bring life to mars, but we will bring mars to life.
Episode 2
51 mins
Was the great pyramid of Giza built with the precision of a machine, using power tools? If so, where did the power come from?
Episode 3
36 mins
Regina Meredith, host of Open Minds, brings forward an important message concerning the manifestation of our collective will.
Episode 4
53 mins
Across our planet and throughout the solar system new findings come forward which challenge the established beliefs of mainstream sciences. Billy Carson brings to light some of the strangest mysteries he has come across as he continuously works to expose these secrets.
Episode 5
56 mins
As we make our way through multiple lifetimes, we make unspoken contracts and decisions which are reflected in the current life. Georgina Cannon explains that the soul can heal, through regression, by coming to an understanding the events of previous lifetimes and changing the choices made for this lifetime.
Episode 6
53 mins
As part of his continuing Missing 411 investigations, David Paulides relays recent findings on some of the most bizarre missing person cases that he has investigated. He has found that many areas in which people have mysteriously disappeared are prone to the spontaneous formation of portals.
Episode 7
58 mins
Break out of the cycle of karma and maximize your potential in every area of your life with psychic empowerment.
Episode 8
1 hr 1 min
Ken Hanson brings forward recent archeological findings which prove the authenticity of the Torah as an historical record.
Episode 9
55 mins
Jack Cary’s research lends credence to the notion that interdimensional doorways permit the transference of a person, or being, across parallel realities and time.
Episode 10
57 mins
Richard Martini presents us with a new perspective of the afterlife, based on his documentation of countless Between Life sessions.
Episode 11
48 mins
From Hollywood stuntman to truth seeker, Reuben Langdon shares his unique insight into the phenomenal nature of our reality. He shares what he has learned concerning channeling, shamanic ceremonies, our simulated reality, and more.
Episode 12
51 mins
Gain a new perspective of our emergence from an infinitely complex universe and the way the infinitesimal interacts to create the physical reality we all know. Garrett Lisi ventured upon a path divergent from his colleagues, leading him to a unique understanding of the geometric nature of our universe.
Episode 13
56 mins
Inspired by wisdom from interdimensional beings, Drs. J.J. and Desiree Hurtak explain how they discovered the Keys of Enoch to unlock new insights into the nature of humanity and the fate we face.
Episode 14
52 mins
Psychedelic substances may have enabled higher degrees of cognitive capabilities in early human beings. Ben Stewart discusses the historical and modern use of psychedelic substances which have been known to expand human consciousness.
Episode 15
51 mins
Were staffs held by ancient religious leaders antennae, amplifying the power of human consciousness and connecting them to the mind of god?
Episode 16
52 mins
Evidence is mounting that the Earth stands upon the cusp of a massive environmental reset event. Scott Stevens discusses various geoengineering interventions fail to address the massive climate changes already underway.
Episode 17
1 hr 1 min
Cosmic Disclosure’s insider, Emery Smith shares many of his strange experiences from his time working for secret testing programs.
Episode 18
1 hr
From biblical texts to remote viewing, Michael Salla takes a multidisciplinary approach to uncover some of the most startling secrets hidden in Antarctica. As the ice melts, the world will be watching as this mysterious land reveals the secrets it has held for so long.
Episode 19
58 mins
What can we do to protect our electrical grid from potential disaster, and preserve our way of life? David Adair explains how we can work to protect our power infrastructure from solar flares, coronal mass ejections and electromagnetic impulses.
Episode 20
55 mins
From terrorism to the paranormal, as an FBI special agent, John DeSouza investigated it all. Now, he brings us four incredible cases which are considered to be genuine supernatural incidents, that have been officially buried.
Episode 21
57 mins
Laird Scranton explores the intersection of Egyptian, Dogon, Kabbalah and Vedic teachings to uncover the secrets of space, time and our holographic universe. He is able to suss out the main message for humanity which has been hidden before us, this whole time.
Episode 22
57 mins
Jonathan Zap defines a new frontier of the mind as advances in technology offer human consciousness a massive upgrade. We stand upon the moment when the spiritual and technological merge, taking humanity to a new level of conscious evolution.
Episode 23
59 mins
Freddy Silva reveals the secrets of ancient temples, across the face of the planet. An advanced civilization came forth to build sacred temples, which encoded their knowledge of mathematics and the geometry of the heavens.