The Shadow Cold War

Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock
S7:Ep2732 minsJuly 4, 2017Guest: Corey Goode

Bringing breaking news from his latest exploits with the secret space programs, Corey Goode returns to give us an update. As negotiations between the Alliance and the Cabal have reached a stalemate, there is talk of forcing a coup to break through the impasse. Tensions mount within this shadow cold war and something is ready to break. All the while, important whistleblowers are disappearing and coordinated disinformation attacks are on the rise. Additionally, Corey tells us of his talk with William Tompkins which brings to light new information about the Nordics and their influence on humanity. This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast July 4, 2017.

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Instructor/Host: David Wilcock
Featuring: Corey Goode
Video Language: English