Cosmic Disclosure
Season 11 . 13 Episodes

With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S11:Ep1, First Contact: The Apunians (Preview)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
35 mins
Ricardo González is a contactee, researcher and author, from Peru, who has direct interaction with an extraterrestrial species from Alpha Centauri known as the Apunians. His extraordinary experiences began in infancy and continue to this day.
Episode 2
22 mins
Through his contact with the Apunians, Ricardo González is able to relay the complex origin of life in this universe and the intervention of E.T. groups on human civilization. Humanity will evolve because of love and the Apunians' mission.
Episode 3
26 mins
The secret space program to Alpha Centauri is already underway. Ricardo González has learned that many of the people who are helping this program get off of the ground are descendants from human beings who travelled there from Earth.
Episode 4
27 mins
Throughout his life, Ricardo González has communicated with intelligent beings called the Apunians. Initially these connections came as channeled messages. But one day he was brought aboard one of their ships to meet them face-to-face.
Episode 5
33 mins
Dr. Robert Wood, along with Emery Smith, remembers the fascinating life work of William Tompkins who was essential in designing many of the craft used in the secret space programs.
Episode 6
34 mins
Dr. Robert Wood discusses the career of William Tompkins with Emery Smith. This includes his involvement with Nordic E.T.s, the influence of MJ-12, and the development of the Solar Warden program.
Episode 7
27 mins
As William Tompkins became essential for designing ships for the SSP, he learned some of their deeper secrets, including details on the 20 & Back program.
Episode 8
32 mins
Dr. Robert Wood reveals the role William Tompkins played in designing huge ships, various utility crafts, and technological designs for the SSP’s flagship program, Solar Warden.
Episode 9
31 mins
William Tompkins was invited into the secret side of the Apollo Missions where he gained a unique perspective of the technology, the secrets kept, and what the astronauts really experienced as they set foot upon the moon.
Episode 10
28 mins
As a child, William Tompkins could remote view without the formalized training. He called this special ability “flying” and used it to see secret locations to scout designs for his models and then future designs for the SSP.
Episode 11
28 mins
Dr. Robert Wood, shares with Emery Smith what William Tompkins knew about the long-term presence of the Draco, their implementation of mind control over us, and the establishment of a galactic slave trade syndicate.
Episode 12
28 mins
Randy Veitenheimer and Emery Smith discuss the ever-changing landscape of secrecy and the slow release forbidden technology. They look into such questions as, why now? What has changed and what’s causing all this?
Episode 13
30 mins
Randy Veitenheimer and Emery Smith expand our horizons of thinking when it comes to non-local travel and interdimensional portals. An oft overlooked factor to these methods of movement is consciousness and the directed focus of intention.