Cosmic Disclosure
Season 15 . 11 Episodes

NEW SEASON BEGINS MAY 28TH With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S15:Ep1, US & German ET Perspectives - Part 1 (Preview)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
32 mins
For the first time on US soil, Tim joins Richard Doty to relate their respective German and American perspectives on dealing directly with different types of ETs, comparing and contrasting their extraterresterial contact experiences.
Episode 2
27 mins
After half a century of UFOs and ETs on the world stage, how can we learn from the different experiences of global governments? German tactical advisor Tim rejoins AFOSI insider Richard Doty for part two of correlating their experiences to help us understand our human origins in relation to ET influence upon our genetics.
Episode 3
28 mins
German tactical advisor Tim shares his insider knowledge, explaining his face-to-face work and direct communications with the Greys.
Episode 4
30 mins
How do we understand the complexities of ET species, their goals, and their connections to humanity? Tim Tactical Advisor joins Emery Smith to discuss in-depth details on Greys, EBENs, reptilians, interdimensional beings, and the technology shared between them.
Episode 5
26 mins
Is it possible extraterrestrials are influencing the collective consciousness of humans and other species? Tim Tactical Advisor joins host Emery Smith to discuss what is popularly known as the "Galactic Federation."
Episode 6
33 mins
Are the ETs working with world governments the same beings from the infamous Roswell crash? Tim Tactical Advisor differentiates Greys from EBENs by detailing his years of face-to-face interactions with different ET types.
Episode 7
27 mins
With so much misinformation surrounding extraterrestrials, it can be hard to know friends from foe. As Tim Tactical Advisor shares, it is best not to be afraid.
Episode 8
25 mins
What is the First Order and how does it relate to extraterrestrials? According to Tim Tactical Advisor, the First Order is the original name the Greys gave themselves, as they believe maintaining order throughout the universe and timelines is their responsibility.
Episode 9
27 mins
What is Cosmic Law and how does it relate to the laws of the First Order? According to Tim Tactical Advisor, whether it is Cosmic Law or laws of the First Order, the Universe is experiencing itself and eventually all species reach a frequency level of consciousness beyond self-destructive tendencies through evolution.
Episode 10
40 mins
Discussing historical events from the Roswell crash to the more recent Tic Tac craft videos released by the US military, Tim Tactical Advisor explains how different governments interact with ETs and filter information.
Episode 11
1 min
Season 16 of Cosmic Disclosure returns with more ground-breaking insider information from tactical advisor Tim and others to discuss never-before-shared information about face-to-face experiences with Greys, plus ET perspectives on human history, including their influence and agendas.