Cosmic Disclosure
Season 7 . 8 Episodes

With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S7:Ep1, Randy Cramer: Hybrid Soldier for the SSP (Preview)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
36 mins
Randy Cramer comes forward to tell of his experiences within the 20 & Back program as a genetically and technologically augmented solider. As part of his testimony, he submits to a Polygraph examination and answers some challenging questions.
Episode 2
37 mins
Randy Cramer discusses who holds a stake in running clandestine ventures into the cosmos and the impact for the future of life on Earth.
Episode 3
39 mins
What happens if someone dies during the 20 & Back? This is something Emery Smiths asks, as we delve deeper into the details of the various missions which have taken Randy Cramer to other worlds.
Episode 4
34 mins
Through his adventures across the cosmos, Randy Cramer has interacted with many different types of extraterrestrial beings. In every case, he had to develop new skills for interacting with these people.
Episode 5
36 mins
Randy Cramer has visited and interacted with several species of extraterrestrial peoples living on distant worlds. He describes what he has learned about their cultures and customs. Binding them together, is a vast trade system, of which Earth is a part.
Episode 6
37 mins
Randy Cramer shares his knowledge of extraterrestrials living on Earth, inside the crust, and deep within the oceans.
Episode 7
32 mins
What if the technology used by the secret space programs was not as strange and outlandish as we have imagined? From domestic tools to the design of vehicles, many of the things used in space are already familiar to us.
Episode 8
31 mins
The universe is a strange place filled with many strange beings that do not look like humans, in any way. During his time within the covert military space programs, Randy Cramer did encountered many humanoid beings.