Cosmic Disclosure
Season 16 . 9 Episodes

With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S16:Ep1, Reptilians & Reptoids: Diplomatic & Military Perspectives (FREE)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
38 mins
Covering everything from Draco Reptilians, peaceful Reptoids of Mars, and the goals of Greys, Tim Tactical Advisor and Captain Randy Cramer substantiate each other’s claims from their respective diplomatic and military experiences and perspectives.
Episode 2
31 mins
Have Progenitor ET species influenced humanity by manipulating timelines? Tim Tactical Advisor joins Captain Randy Cramer for an in-depth analysis of Progenitor ETs and their influences and agendas.
Episode 3
25 mins
What are “time units” and how do they connect ETs with humanity? According to Tim Tactical Advisor, “time units” are groups of Greys sent through time by the First Order to heal and correct damages to timelines caused by Draco Reptilians.
Episode 4
27 mins
Do the Draco have AI technology installed on Earth to manipulate humanity? Through the destruction of social structures, eradication of individual free time, and creation of a material-based consumer culture, Tim conveys that humanity has been affected by time-traveling ETs to delay and divert our divine evolutionary potential.
Episode 5
34 mins
Do extraterrestrials have differing perspectives on Earth’s history? According to Tim Tactical Advisor, history is mostly a construct and depends heavily on the perspective upon it. Tim shares how the Greys are partly responsible for creating humanity through the genetic modification of ape-like primates, and how Greys claim to be one of the creator species of the human race. Exploring how parallel timelines connect, Tim discusses higher elevated “level 6” consciousness beings and their links with human history.
Episode 6
35 mins
From the Burning Bush of Moses in the Bible to the flying Vimanas of Hinduism, is it possible human religions were influenced by ET contact?
Episode 7
30 mins
What are time units and how do they affect humanity? Tim Tactical Advisor shares how the group of beings who form a “time unit” reach backward in time from a future version of Earth to help maintain order and proper trajectory of the timeline. Sharing his communications with time traveling Greys, Tim clarifies time travel is something very few beings or species have access to.
Episode 8
28 mins
If there are various time traveling beings influencing Earth’s timeline, all with different agendas, does that result in continual chaos? Tim explains how hierarchies within authoritarian systems only allow certain groups to alter timelines, although high-impact events like World War II cannot be changed.
Episode 9
36 mins
What did Admiral Byrd really discover in Antarctica during Operation Highjump? Tim Tactical Advisor rejoins Randy Cramer to discuss the hidden histories of World War II and the resulting fallout.