Cosmic Disclosure
Season 21 . 10 Episodes

With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S21:Ep1, Human-Hybrid ETs (Preview)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
36 mins
Do some government officials interacting with ETs have evidence from their direct contact? Offering insight from his own experiences, both personal and professional, former CIA Signal Specialist John Ramirez shares information on human-ET hybrids.
Episode 2
28 mins
How have covert Earth defense forces been able to keep their operations hidden for decades? Rejoining Emery Smith, Randy Cramer of the US Marine Corps Special Section shares from his direct experiences how individuals have their memories suppressed.
Episode 3
29 mins
What are psionic amplifiers and how are they utilized? Randy Cramer of the U.S. Marine Corps. Special Section shares his experiences using psionic devices, their offensive and defensive capabilities, and how ETs have used this tech throughout history.
Episode 4
39 mins
Why did US air force intelligence investigate an indigo child? In this intriguing interview, retired AFOSI Agent Richard Doty shares details of the Cady Smith story and how she was recruited into US Air Force intelligence for her unexplainable abilities.
Episode 5
28 mins
Is it possible that humans who are contacted by ETs and UFOs are actually hybrid beings? Retired AFOSI agent Richard Doty shares his first-hand experiences of the Monarch Park Incident in Colorado and specifically with the contactee, Julie.
Episode 6
30 mins
How are governments keeping contact experiences quiet if up to 30,000 cases are happening each year? Discover the links between hybrids, ETs, genetic modifications, and contact with insider Tim Tactical Advisor.
Episode 7
25 mins
How are pyramids around Earth and on Mars connected? Tim Tactical Advisor shares how, despite different builders, these megalithic structures share energy and function throughout space-time as multidimensional tetrahedrons.
Episode 8
33 mins
Who are the Cortium and how do they link humans, hybrids, and other ETs? Captain Randy Cramer of the USMC Special Section rejoins Emery Smith to dive deep into the history of the Cortium and their role in assisting humanity with galactic interrelations.
Episode 9
32 mins
How will an undeniable worldwide disclosure unfold? Randy Cramer of the USMC Special Section shares his belief that disclosure will evolve from a false flag alien invasion, which will result in the reshaping of our planet, societies, and technologies.
Episode 10
37 mins
In this season finale, retired AFOSI agent Richard Doty shares details of close encounters with unknown ETs and experimental craft at government bases in New Mexico. Discover events reported by military police of ETs and materials from classified bunkers.