Cosmic Disclosure
Season 4 . 18 Episodes

With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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S4:Ep2, A New Insider Is Put to the Test (Preview)
Cosmic Disclosure (Trailer)
Episode 1
15 mins
For the first time ever, a new insider, Jason Rice divulges events from his childhood that led to his induction into a recruiting arm of the MILAB programs, where he was identified as an intuitive-empath.
Episode 2
32 mins
For the first time on camera, an SSP insider, Jason Rice, is put to the test as he is hypnotically regressed by Georgina Cannon and given a polygraph examination concerning his service with a secret space program and extraterrestrial contact.
Episode 3
41 mins
During his 20 & Back tour, Jason Rice was privy to the origin and development of the secret space program. He gives us an insider’s view of Operations Highjump, Paperclip & Deep Freeze, and the conflict between the Mars-Germans and the Cabal.
Episode 4
29 mins
Jason Rice discusses the events which triggered the formation of IDARF and Solar Warden. A massive clandestine buildup of advanced technology began, giving terrestrial-based governments a leg up in the secret space race.
Episode 5
28 mins
Imagine the scenario of a civilization intentionally struck by a massive meteor then invaded by werewolf-like creatures. This was the situation Jason Rice faced after he completed his two-years of training and was deployed to a distant world.
Episode 6
36 mins
As Jason Rice’s accounts of his tour of duty with the SSP continues, he describes the level of technological sophistication of his battle dress uniform and weaponry.
Episode 7
30 mins
Invading forces seem poised to overrun the meager defenses of this once peaceful planet. Jason continues his accounts of combat on a planet the Draco sought to control by using a proxy combat force made up of werewolf-like beings.
Episode 8
31 mins
Jason Rice reveals what he learned about the stakes being waged upon the ultimate goal of human ascension.
Episode 9
28 mins
Emery Smith relays his experience with bacteria and viruses originating off world. He explains that life thrives throughout the cosmos, even in the microscopic realms.
Episode 10
28 mins
Jason Rice takes us back to his first day in the SSP, when he found out that the induction into these clandestine operations is an ordeal, unto itself. He was injected with nanites which would become an integral asset to his duties.
Episode 11
29 mins
After the fighting quelled on Planet One and cleanup underway, Jason Rice is given a new assignment. He is deployed to a new world which is also facing imminent invasion from an alien species.
Episode 12
29 mins
Jason Rice is soon whisked away to a new planet; one unlike anything he has ever seen before. Three indigenous species must learn to put aside their conflicts with each other to deal with the fiercest invaders he has ever encountered.
Episode 13
36 mins
Once his interplanetary missions are completed, Jason Rice is returned to the Sol system to serve what may be his remaining days in the SSP. This long journey home is a process which leaves him mysteriously suffering from PTSD and depression.
Episode 14
34 mins
Looking back at his time in the secret space program, Jason Rice realized that from day one in Cape Canaveral he was lied to and great deceptions followed him throughout his career.
Episode 15
32 mins
Throughout every industry and within high level government positions, extraterrestrials have infiltrated every stratum of our society. Emery Smith explains that this is actually not a bad thing as many are here to help humanity.
Episode 16
31 mins
Jason Rice helps to give us a better understanding of the technologies and weapons he used during his combat deployments. From the simplest to the strangest, we cannot begin to image just how advanced the technology is within the secret space programs.
Episode 17
33 mins
During his time with IDARF, Jason Rice had access to nanite enhancement therapy, cloning technology to replace lost limbs, as well as vehicles that utilize neural interfaces for pilots, antimatter power systems, and forcefield protection.
Episode 18
34 mins
Jason Rice describes the culture, educational guild system, entertainment, and customs of a distant world he calls Planet 1. Including how their once idealistic world underwent massive changes due to an invasion and ongoing war.