Study Seeks to Find Scientific Evidence for Clairvoyance

Study Seeks to Find Scientific Evidence for Clairvoyance

A groundbreaking new study seeks to scientifically validate an ability we may all be born with, clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance, or the ability to perceive beyond the physical sense of sight, has been documented in almost every culture across all time. And yet it, like other psychic abilities, has often been feared, misunderstood, and disbelieved. Today, an ever-growing interest in extended perception has motivated researchers to scientifically study the phenomenon.

Helané Wahbeh ND, MCR, is the Director of Research at the Institue of Noetic Sciences (IONS), which investigates transcendent human experiences through rigorous scientific study. Dr. Wahbeh and her team recently conducted a study into clairvoyance.

“Clairvoyance is a historic term, it’s been used for a very long time, and it specifically means ‘clear seeing,’ but really it is this extended perception of being able to perceive beyond our physical sense of sight,” Dr. Wabeh said. “This shows up in different ways for people, some people actually see colors, they see supposed other beings that don’t have physical bodies, other people see in their mind’s eye. So, they might receive information or visuals from other people, from things around them that they wouldn’t be able to possibly know with their traditional five senses.”

Cyndi Dale is an energy healer and intuitive who has experienced clairvoyant abilities throughout her entire life.

“So there are many, many different ways that somebody can get a clairvoyant image or vision,” Dale said. “One of the ways is at night, sometimes they’re in dreams, sometimes in color or in black and white. Some people get their visions when they’re daydreaming. Sometimes the pictures that come in are futuristic, they’re about pre-destiny or something that could happen. Many times I find that the visions are about history, what’s occurred, or they’re psychological and they’re explaining what is. Being clairvoyant is complicated because it’s not just about receiving, it’s about how do you work with the images, how do you interact with them?”

While many clairvoyants have experienced these abilities from birth, there are many others who have developed the skill through training, which begs the question: Is everyone clairvoyant?

“Does everyone have the capacity to receive information and energy from beyond time and space? Yes, I do believe everyone has the capacity to do that, and yet the way that it shows up for them is unique,” Dr. Wahbeh said.

Using clairvoyance to obtain verifiable information has been repeatedly demonstrated in the forms of remote viewing and medical intuition. The recent study at IONS is the first designed to validate whether clairvoyant seers are able to accurately perceive what occurs during an energy medicine session.

It is a follow-up to an earlier study IONS did with the participation of one seer that yielded promising results. As this experiment incorporates multiple seers, the researchers hope is that the findings will not only validate the practice of clairvoyance but will also shed light on how energy medicine works.

“We had these reiki masters giving 30-minute sessions to people who had a variety of different health conditions, and in that space, we had six clairvoyant seers who were observing the sessions,” Dr. Wabheh said. “The primary research question is: What is the corroboration between those six seers in terms of what they were observing during each session? Our hypothesis is that there will be a corroboration between them, thus validating this experience of clairvoyant seeing.”

Researchers just finished data collection and are working on the findings. In this study and others being planned at IONS, the goal is not only to validate clairvoyance but also to understand just how it works.

How to Remote View

How to Remote View

Remote viewing is defined as the ability to acquire accurate information about a distant or non-local place, person or event without using your physical senses or any other obvious means. It’s associated with the idea of clairvoyance and sometimes called “anomalous cognition” or “second sight.” The difference between natural psychic receptivity and remote viewing is that the latter is a trained skill that the average person can learn to do.

Assignment: Increase Your Sensitivity to Unconscious Information

About 80% of the sensory information you experience each moment is generated by your brain. To save energy and time, your mind makes its best guess about what’s going on around you, using a small sampling of the environment. When you practice remote viewing, you’re attempting to describe very subtle information that is much weaker than your conscious perception. Your assignment is to increase your sensitivity to subtle information and learn how to collect unconscious information before your conscious mind interferes.

Spend time each day considering the sensory information in your immediate environment. Notice your surroundings, including the range of colors, sounds and smells. Take a second look: more presence in the moment increases your sensitivity to subtle information.

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