Commonly translated as breathwork, pranayama techniques range from powerful energy builders to gentle transitions into sleep. Bring more awareness to the subtleties of your breathing habits and create harmony from breath to body to spirit. Practice with Gaia’s library of online pranayama videos to explore the impact of breath. Pranayama is the fourth limb in the 8-limbed yoga path as written in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, and is just as important as the movement part of yoga (asana).. Prana (life force) encompasses the energy that flows through our bodies which can be adjusted through manipulation of breath. Whether you are a yoga beginner or an experienced pranayama practicioner, Gaia’s online collection of yoga and meditation for pranayama practices can help you tap into your energetic life force. Pranayama techniques for beginners include breath practices such as ujjayi pranayama (victorious breath) and three-part breath. More advanced breath retention for yoga practices can include nadi shodhana pranayama (alternate nostril breathing) and bhastrika pranayama (bellows breath). Regardless of your experience level with pranayama techniques, Gaia’s range of online pranayama practices can help you find the yoga breathing exercise that is right for your body from moment to moment, day to day. Pranayama techniques have a variety of effects in both the physical and mental bodies. Focused breath control can help to up-regulate or down-regulate your systems to either gain energy or calm and soothe your mind to prepare for sleep. Energizing breathwork such as kapalabhati (breath of fire) can help boost energy, bringing enthusiasm and positivity into your day. Pranayama to calm and find peace in your mind can be found in techniques such as 1:2 breathing, gradually increasing the exhale to twice the length of your inhale. There are a wide array of pranayama practices and Gaia’s yoga teachers deliver yoga for pranayama sequences to meet you wherever you are in your life. Dive deeper into your pranayama practice and see for yourself the benefits of your breathwork, both physically and mentally.

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