Bring more awareness to your breathing habits and open your senses to the vitality of every breath with these Pranayama yoga videos. Develop your breath control skills and learn the art of inhaling and exhaling, creating harmony in the body, mind and spirit. With the study of Pranayama yoga, you'll learn how to let go of the tension and misalignment that blocks the flow of breath and energy into your body. Pranayama yoga is the practice of breath control. Breathing is one of our most vital functions, as it brings oxygen into the body that will be delivered to the cells throughout the body and brain. Pranayama also controls the Prana, the vital life energy that exists within and all around us. Every breath brought into the body brings with it Prana. Designed to balance the hemispheres of your mind, our collection of Pranayama yoga videos will help you to access a neutral, calm, yet alert mental state in order to awaken your organs and flush the clutter from your mind. The breathing exercises found in Pranayama yoga act as a form of purification for the body and mind. With a focused intent of grounding, you'll settle into the present and into the body. This is where the yoga practice gets intimate, subtle, and powerful. As your breath returns to a natural ease, your body becomes resilient and healthy, your mind steady and your heart compassionate. Learn how to incorporate these simple, invigorating breath control exercises into your every day practice with these guided instructional Pranayama yoga videos.

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