Yin Yoga for the Upper Body

Bernie Clark
YinAll Levels-1, 21 hr, 18 mins

In this live class filmed at Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver, Bernie Clark works the upper body in a Yin Yoga style. We will target the deeper connective tissues of the hands, arms, neck and shoulders especially the fascial bags that can cause our muscles to be so tight. We will also allow the lower body to marinate a bit in some lovely yin sauce. This class may be great for people who suffer from tightness in the shoulder and neck area, or for those who carry a lot of stress there.

Note: Anyone with neck issues or who have suffered whiplash should be very careful with the neck movements, perhaps even skipping those parts of this practice. For people with significant shoulder or wrist problems, this practice may be helpful but please check with your health care provider first and go slowly.