Horoscopes for 2015: Libra to Pisces

As we move into 2015 uncertainty for the future can set in. 2014 can leave us with doubt for what the next chapter in our lives holds, but ease yourself, dear one, for the divine will spark in your path in more ways than one.

The Year of the Sheep

2015 is the year of the sheep; this loving animal has the ability to lead us into different realms. The energy has ancestral potency, fertility, warmth, family time, love, abundance, and security. These elements together will intertwine to show us all our deepest potential.

Health matters continue to plague many, and the need to connect with the esoteric will prove to change consciousness. As a whole, we will continue to undergo deep transformations. The message will be clear: slow down and tend to your spiritual side without delay.

The fruits of this change will herald peace in all areas of your life. I continue wish all an inner awakening and a reminder that you do not need to look for an outside source to connect to Spirit. YOU, ME, WE are all a divine source. Stay true to yourself, never stop believing, and know that you truly are the Light of the World!

Please also read my articles for yearly outlook for Aries to Virgo, and June 2015 horoscopes for all zodiac signs. Keep reading below for the information on your individual zodiac sign's yearly outlook.

Shining Angel, Shirley Solano

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September 23 – October 22

  • Zodiac Symbol: Scales
  • Element: Air
  • Physical Anatomy: Lower Back; Kidneys; Gluteal Area
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Fair, Artistic, Indecisive, Needy, Romantic, Frugal, Dependent, Friendly, Quick Learner, People Pleaser

2015 General Outlook

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, visits all of your sectors in 2015 so that you can prosper in all areas of your life. Don’t feel bad if you didn't finish off 2014 like you preferred. Instead, increase your mentality with positive thoughts for a new year. February and March show different opportunities for Libras. Some will not be to your liking while others will open doors into the unknown. After the super moon on September 28th, revelations validate your plans. This would be the time to submit paperwork, change residence, buy/sell property, complete continuing education and/or converse with the elderly. Summer season calls for spending time outdoors. Be one with nature, Libra, breathe fresh air, and let the earth’s splendor heal your soul. The past has no place in your life now so release hurt and let Mother Nature run her course.

Finances/Career Sector

Those employed find a very busy year. Right when you think you are caught up something comes along that needs your attention, Libra. This is a good thing but only if you are balanced. When overwhelmed practice healthy ways to relieve stress. Your career planet, the moon, transits throughout your professional sector at various times throughout your sign in 2015. This reveals that it is just a matter of your being in sync with its energies to reap greater rewards. Do not lend any extra money you have; instead, immediately pay off debt and/or save for that vacation you so desperately need. At least once a month do something for yourself. It doesn't have to be something extravagant, Libra; the point of this is to start a routine in which you include yourself without guilt.

Love Sector

The journey of love continues in 2015. Libra, if you are looking for a boost in romance but don’t have time to actually go out then use online dating. There are plenty of ways to connect with someone even if it is just via words. Woo your lover(s) with music. The sound of your voice is quite soothing; don’t be shy and whisper sweet nothings to your partner(s) at all times. Libras in relationship(s) that wish to bear children but are having difficulty conceiving should not give up. The fertility gods are on your side and available to aid you in your quest. Connect with them along with animal spirits for guidance in how to proceed. The month of May calls for communication.Express your feelings and speak from the heart. Enjoy intimacy on a different level.

Golden Guidance

Enchant others with your personality. Working in health care and with children brings comfort to your soul. Face your fears and share with others your plans for the future. Mend conflict with family members, let bygones be bygones. Boost your immune system by tending to exercise, spirituality, and mental health. Let instrumental music be your muse; soothe your being by gently swaying to different rhythms. Affirm daily that you have joy in your life. Change your perspective about the things you don’t have control over.Life has a way of taking things away without notice but it is always for a higher good. Connect with a spiritual teacher and expand your consciousness. Health should always take a priority especially if you are experiencing random head/heartaches, nose bleeds, and heavy breathing. 2015 is your year to take your life into your hands, inspire your mind, and think outside the box.


October 23 – November 21

  • Zodiac Symbol: Scorpion
  • Element: Water
  • Physical Anatomy: Genital Organs/Area; Bowels; Bladder
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Sensitive, Intense, Knowledgeable, Violent,
    Secretive, Passionate, Intuitive, Determined, Helpful, Jealous

2015 General Outlook

Scorpio,hard work will pay off in 2015. Those who have recently relocated find faith in new beginnings. The seeds you have planted in the past bear fruit mid to end of the year, and this alone is good news. Use this change to plan for the future. Reach out to like-minded individuals for some insight in how to proceed with some of those plans. Also look into government funding opportunities; free money is at your disposal for your projects. From January to May you have travel in every sector. Get away, connect with friends, and live your life. Surround yourself with the people and places you love so that 2015 will be your time to shine.

Finances/Career Sector

Your dual ruling planets Mars and Pluto transit through your sector of business and investments. Participate in some great travel, especially if it is overseas. Great prospects await those who are willing to take a risk. Truth comes out, and this will help in making some tough decisions in finances. Homeowners should expand. Tend to a garden, paint the garage, and/or redecorate for unexpected company. Save any receipts for this will be useful for next year’s tax return. Those employed should take some extra classes so that they can make an addition to their portfolios. For Scorpios that gamble try your luck often. With a controlled mindset fortune is guaranteed.

Love Sector

Your heart calls for deep understanding that unfortunately many do not get. Fulfill yourself with hobbies that reflect love and this in turn will attract your inner desires. Those in relationship(s) can find it hard at times, but overall should tend to the relationship they have with themselves. Continue to work on yourself from the inside out so that love can truly enter your being. Single Scorpios find romance in the most unexpected places. Connect online with those who are at least within a 25-50 mile radius. Take a chance with stepping outside your norm for romance and watch how sparks can fly. Fall season brings pleasure for those who have children. They will make you proud with their achievements and/or you will notice that you have done your job as a parent and should let them follow their own paths.

Golden Guidance

Cancel appointments in advance. Common courtesy goes a long way. Continue to save money by buying things on sale and/or changing brands. Let life be a dream in which you are able to have the things you've always wanted. Don’t let anyone dim your light, and release false burdens without shame. You are responsible for tending to your being first and foremost. Mend conflicts from the past, for holding grudges only harbors toxicity within. Express yourself in new ways, either through writing, singing, cooking and/or painting. Rise again like the phoenix you are, Scorpio. Autumn will be your season to foster a deeper connection with esoteric realms. Spend time alone, meditate in your sanctuary, and know that spirit is waiting for you to take your place in the universe.


November 22 – December 21

  • Zodiac Symbol: The Archer
  • Element: Fire
  • Physical Anatomy: Thighs; Hips; Muscles
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Pride, Honest, Irresponsible, Free Spirit, Exaggerates, Open-Minded, Talkative, Impatient, Kind, Vengeful

2015 General Outlook

Open yourself to the blessings that 2015 has to offer Sagittarius. Bury those things that hurt you from the past. You can do it, but it takes a willingness to face what has passed without fear. Know that you have an entourage of angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and the Creator here to guide you every single step of the way. From January to March it is important to tend to your health. Get it over with and you will see it is not as bad as it seems. Your health issues are closely linked to your emotional side, but that is why you will start to patch up the past so that your being can heal along with whatever medication you may take. Your family and friends love you and will surprisingly support you with everything. Happiness starts from within, Sagittarius, so take inventory of what exactly you've been carelessly carrying around so that you can cleanse your soul.

Finances/Career Sector

2015 has numerous doors open for those who wish to truly advance in life. If you want an increased flow of finances then you have to find ways of getting some income, Sagittarius. Your talents are many so it is just a matter of directing them into something useful. Jupiter, your ruling planet and also the planet of expansion and luck, wishes to touch you in blissful ways. Accept this boost of help from the universe with open arms. It will only embrace you if you truly are
ready to improve your earth journey. Those looking for employment should polish up that resume and call in favors for references. Networking and also starting back at the bottom can be key to rising up again. Those involved in business find it refreshing to know that what seems to be trouble is actually a blessing in disguise. Let life uncover lies so that you can clean up your social circle once and for all.

Love Sector

You will change your perspective about love in 2015. The word "alone" will have different meaning, and this can be a good thing. Overall you will believe in true love again, and no one can take this away from you. What is meant to happen will happen so just let all your relationship(s) go with the flow. Single Sagittarius have different options in the romance department. You are a fire sign and naturally attract many suitors, but what is the use of them if they don’t place you on a pedestal like you deserve? After the solar eclipse on March 20th don’t let others manipulate you. Release yourself from anyone who thinks they can continue to abuse your relationship. Remember the saying "Love doesn't hurt and if it does then it is not love anymore." Those in relationship(s) fortify the union and even have a chance of getting married and/or renewing vows. Loved ones are supportive of this joining together, and your heart will heal daily knowing that you've been blessed with someone who truly loves you.

Golden Guidance

Take yourself out of that darkness you've created for yourself. You are a beautiful person who deserves to have all of the wonderful things life has to offer. Your inner true noble nature wishes to express itself in new ways. You have a natural ability for healing and should connect with Mother Earth and her animals. Meditate and envision yourself surrounded by meadows and soothing landscapes. Make it a point at least once this year to head out to the beach and cleanse yourself with the ocean waters. Release anything and everything that has kept you bound against opulence. Watch your words or they will become your demise. Take the time to think before you speak. 2015 is your year to gracefully come out of darkness, Sagittarius.


December 22 - January 19

  • Zodiac Symbol: Goat
  • Element: Earth
  • Physical Anatomy: Skeleton; Knees; Bones
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Disciplined, Smart, Sensitive, Resentful, Careful, Stubborn, Responsible, Condescending, Patient, Lovable

2015 General Outlook

2015 calls for much action in self-discipline Capricorn. Remove from your surroundings anything that gives you temptation. Make a schedule for yourself and include breaks and healthy eating. Although many Capricorns have a slender figure, most are not eating the proper foods and/or drinking enough water. Program yourself to think, do, and say only things that are positive. Choose wisely, for sooner or later it will all manifest for your highest good. The partial lunar eclipse on April 4th creates a new atmosphere. Friends from the past connect with you to show you that although they barely keep in touch they still love and appreciate you. The months of June and July show to be power months for many Capricorns. If you are looking to start something new, request loans, relocate, make an addition to the family etc., then now would be the time.

Finances/Career Sector

Finances are stable but only because you have been frugal with your spending. Capricorns with credit cards and interest-accruing debt should make a list of everything and make calls to each company one by one to see if they have special promotions or offers to lower payments and/or interest. Use your savvy saving skills to look for the best options. Venus, your planet of love, and money—intertwine both these worlds so that you can balance them both. Consider a new or renewed business with a partner. Just make sure to set a contract into motion so that you will not have problems down the line with ownership. Employed Capricorns born in December should think about relocating while January Capricorns should connect with friends and/or loved ones out west. All Capricorns aligned with positive affirmations will experience a windfall during the months of March, July and/or November.

Love Sector

At times you can be a very emotional person, and this leads to unnecessary heartache; 2015 pushes you to mature that aspect of yourself. There are many unanswered questions about your past that unfortunately may not be answered in this lifetime. Those who are adopted and/or an only child should postpone their search and let life bring you the information you need at its own time. Single Capricorns find love with complete opposites. Let these newcomers push you out of your comfort zone. Although at times you can seem like an unexciting person, deep down you really wish to live, love, and laugh. Your reserved nature just needs to find comfort with the right people. Capricorns in relationship(s) continue to look for ways to spice up the bond. Try letting your cooking and creative side do the talking in love matters; not only will you surprise yourself but you will astonish your lover(s) and keep them on their toes.

Golden Guidance

Daily, remind yourself that you are a beautiful soul and are ready for deep transformation. Walk with your head high and try taking your own advice. Parents should spend more time with their children and/or family members. If you experience a loss this year, then know that it was not in your control.Saturate your thoughts with love. Master the art of forgiveness; this will work wonders for your inner being. The moon transmits vibes to your life so with its light you can see the truth of all things. Don’t let others manipulate you with their lies. Respect and speak up for yourself despite the consequences. Implement a spiritual routine in which you connect with the Creator. Talk about your worries, your hurt, your fears, and your dreams. 2015 is your year to ignite your life with nothing but enjoyment.


January 20 - February 18

  • Zodiac Symbol: Water Bearer
  • Element: Air
  • Physical Anatomy: Circulation; Ankles; Shin Area
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Dreamers, Humanitarian, Independent, Detached, Friendly, Social, Naive, Moody, Eccentric

2015 General Outlook

As we enter into 2015 set naïvetés aside, Aquarius, for destiny calls upon you to take the lead in all areas of your life. As soon as January starts, reinvent yourself. Change your appearance by simply changing your hair color, wearing different clothing, and/or walking with your chest out. Feel confident that this is your time to get out of the mundane. Your spiritual army continues to protect you from betrayal and/or deceptions. Continue to follow your hunches in all matters. Summer season pushes you to connect with animals. Saint Francis is on your side and wishes for you to help with healing Nature’s beings. There are different ways of healing and just your presence alone should allow others to change on a molecular level. From October to the end of the year indulge in travel, particularly along the coast lines.

Finances/Career Sector

2015 pushes you to stop standing in the shadows with your ideas. Most of them are money makers, so why not take a risk and put them into motion? Mother Earth gives many Aquarius a green thumb so that they can generate income using greens. Anything organic, natural, and raw will bring prosperity. Business owners and/or self-employed Aquarius should cleanse past debts. Credit is what will get you most, if not all, of your opportunities, so start working on that without delay. Those who are considering retiring and/or going on disability should discuss their ideas with a trusted muse. Income comes in spurts throughout the year, so it will just be a matter of deciding where the money goes that will increase or decrease your prosperity. Educate yourself with financial planning, and if you think you already have it down then humble your perspective and revisit the knowledge.

Love Sector

All Aquarius should spend time in the wilderness so that they can renew their perspective about what love really is. Those in unhealthy relationship(s) find it hard letting go of certain romantic partner(s). You must not let the relationship(s) linger. If you do you are setting yourself up for failure in love matters. Single Aquarius have plenty of admirers. If you are not ready to commit, then keep dating. Meet people from all walks of life; they are the ones who will help you believe in love again. The mercury retrograde on May 19th sends love with someone from the past; even as far back as with a childhood friend. The good news is that this is divinely orchestrated, so don’t be afraid to take a chance in love. Those in relationship(s) should consider making a pro and cons list together. This will help the path of communication enter your hearts, and this in turn will set an assertive tone for the future.

Golden Guidance

Think outside the box with how you approach others. Step up to the plate with your responsibilities. Tell those around you that you are grateful for their presence in your life. Consider relocating with your parents. Take a chance in love; not everyone is out to hurt you. Don’t let others speak to you in a condescending tone. Set healthy boundaries where needed and/or stop talking to those who disrespect you. Let your relationship(s) be more spiritual rather than physical. Surround yourself with people who will feed your intellectual mind. Laugh at the things that once made you cry, be weird, carry your talisman of protection, and love at all times. Those with children expand their families and this news may bring fear at first but know that all is for the highest good. At all times in 2015 face the world with a smile so that it can return its delight on your path in various ways.


February 19 - March 20

  • Zodiac Symbol: Two Fish (Opposite Directions)
  • Element: Water
  • Physical Anatomy: Veins; Feet; Ankles; Heels; Nerves
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Artistic, Sadness, Compassionate, Dreamers, Homebody, Loyal, Gossip, Fun

2015 General Outlook

Detox your atmosphere, Pisces. 2015 holds an opportunity for you to literally be out with the old and in with the new. Your birthday season brings great clarity. Purchase a notebook that will be dedicated to writing down dreams and thoughts that come out of the blue. At the end of the year look back at this and see some messages within your writings sent to you from spirit. The summer solstice on June 21st brings insight for your path. Don’t be afraid of change. Many times when things feel all wrong is when it all changes and actually becomes a blessing in disguise. If you have something that is weighing heavy on your heart, then speak the truth. Every one of us has failed at some point in our lives, so don’t feel like you are going through tough times alone. Continue to keep unity within your family and loved ones. Leave depression behind because it will have no room in your life in 2015.

Finances/Career Sector

Finances will have a mind of their own this year and therefore spending less will prove to be your saving grace. The spring equinox on March 20th brings a windfall of income. The mentality of spending to the last dime must change; if you use this money wisely you will have enough to prosper for the rest of the year. Also remember to share your wealth with those you love so that your flow of money can be constant. Those employed find changes with some co-workers. Their attitude toward your position is unacceptable; therefore, use your professional demeanor to handle the situation. In the end they will end up stuck in their own hatred. Those looking for employment find it in a different industry. Make money by doing your hobbies. Look into hospitality, health care, administration, farming, merchandising, decorating, etc. for solid careers and/or extra cash flow.

Love Sector

Love comes in mysterious ways to your path, so during the week plan out your weekend but leave space for the unexpected. Romance is slow yet gentle, and this can make your impatient heart thump to a sad beat. Pisces, there are different ways that you can keep the love alive. You don’t always have to find it within a different person; secure love within yourself so that you can attract great suitors in romance. Single Pisces meet some interesting prospects, especially in the start of the New Year. Continue to protect your vulnerable heart, but don’t push others away with your neediness or insecurities. Those in relationship(s) continue to overcome obstacles. Some time away from each other could be what you both need in order to strengthen your bond. If you cannot fathom the thought of temporary separation, then look for ways to exchange a few words without hurting each other. Have a determined mindset in love so that these desert periods don’t stay past their welcome.

Golden Guidance

Relax your mind; learn to quiet your inner self, Pisces. Stop making goals for yourself and losing motivation when things don’t go right for you. These setbacks shouldn't be a reason to totally give up on your dreams. Whenever you start to have negative thoughts or feel anxiety about the future, just stop, breathe, and pray. Listen to music when you feel stressed. Look into different ways to express yourself. Deepen your bond with the divine so that you can answer most if not all of your own questions. Look into different ways of healing. Read more, Pisces; pump your creative side with new information. Periodically look into the sky, observe the clouds, and activate a different part of your brain. Make health a priority and put it on a pedestal. Ask your body for a message and see what it needs in order to work in optimal conditions. 2015 is your year to grow from the inside out.

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