The Third Key to Ascension: Sacred Sciences

The Third Key to Ascension: Sacred Sciences

While many ancient seekers sought to understand sacred geometry, others discovered that the mysteries of the world around us contain more than just numbers and ratios. Mathematics was successful in finding the secrets hidden within the structures of life. But it turns out there is even more to the world than what geometry could discover.

Deep within the materials that form the structures of life and our environment, ancient seekers found the very essences of life. These seekers sought to understand the underlying forces that caused a tree to grow, a flower to bloom or a fire to burn. Within these essences, they believe they could unlock the greatest mysteries of creation and immortality.

To these seekers, the physical and spiritual were intricately intertwined; to understand the physical properties of a material was to gain insight into its spiritual essence and vice versa. So, they sought to understand the vital intricacies of our world, not only from a materialist point of view, but from a spiritual one as well. They worked diligently to discern different methods of breaking down and analyzing many different types of matter. Thus, the first material sciences of the world were born.

Alchemy is Born

Perhaps one of the most well-known of these sacred sciences is alchemy, which takes its name from the land of the Khem – the original name for ancient Egypt. These alchemists sought to continue the great work begun by the ancient seekers. Over time they developed a complex of categorization and analysis which helped them to understand the vital essences to be found within all material substances.

Ultimately they felt, that they could discover how to break down physical material in order to find the primary substance from which all things formed. With this Prima Materia, the alchemist could create any material he so wished. But we must remember that the material pursuits of the alchemists were intricately connected with their spiritual pursuits. If they could find the Prima Materia for the physical world, then they could discover the source for all spiritual life. Thus, they would be able to bear the vital essence of the great creator. If any were successful in their pursuits, little evidence has made it to public awareness.

Sciences sans Sacredness?

In our modern times, the complex techniques developed by the alchemists gave way to the academic studies of chemistry and physics. The materialist views of the modern scientist have all but completely supplanted the sacred pursuits of their progenitors. Despite these staunch views of the numinous, modern science has failed to quell the sense of wonder and spirituality which emanates from our sacred world. If anything, science has increased our understanding of how the world works which has deepened our appreciation for natural phenomena.

As we now enter a new era of scientific understanding, it seems that quantum sciences are reuniting our understanding of the sacred with that of the material. Even the most ardent quantum scientist cannot ignore that consciousness and observation has a direct effect in the formation of physical material. Though the connection continues to elude them, someday scientists will unlock the secrets that connect consciousness and physical matter. Then they will have discovered what those ancient seekers sought so long ago and begin a new era of sacred science.

Reawakening Wonder

Do we need to wait for the empirical evidence to come forth for us to realize that we are sacred beings having a spiritual experience in a material world? Or is it time to learn how to foster our connection with the sacred vital essence that is within all things, including our own bodies? As you continue on your path of ascension, perhaps you will discover that nothing is supernatural; the numinous is just as natural as the physical.

Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

The mythologies of disparate cultures describe mystics who contact a divine light being, an avatar or angelic figure, and descend from a pure and perfected realm. These stories also describe representatives of our so-called reality who incarnate in human form and enter human consciousness to lead us back to an illumined realm. 

We may know some of these beings by name, including Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, while others have served humanity discretely and in anonymity. Now, with the expanded awareness provided by quantum physics — and thanks to teachers like William Henry — it is possible to better realign our own sense of existence and return to our rightful place as spiritual beings who have (metaphorically) fallen from grace or forgotten who we are.

William Henry, author, investigative mythologist, and art historian incorporates historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, and archaeological information into theories about the human condition, spirituality, and where we are headed as a species. In “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” and in an episode of his show Ascension Keepers, he posits the idea that we must begin to think like the angels. And one of the capabilities of angels, he says, is teleportation.

Relating his ideas to leading-edge physics, Henry suggests the way back to our spiritual roots is through quantum entanglement. Scientists explain that quantum entanglement describes how multiple particles can be linked together in a way, such that the measurement of one particle’s quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection does not depend on location of the particles in space.

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