The Astrological Implications of This Week’s Rare Planetary Alignment

Rare Planetary Alignment Astrology

A rare planetary alignment is occurring over the next few weeks. Read on to learn how you can see it, what it means for you energetically, and how you should prepare.

Since the end of March, Venus, Mars, and Saturn have appeared to group together. But starting April 17, Jupiter will appear forming a row of planets in a line. It will be most visible in the predawn sky of April 20.

That is the astronomy of this celestial event, but what about the astrological implications? 

“These last two weeks of April, we have something very special going on,“ astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut said, “I know that astronomically we can see Saturn, we can see the moon, we’re going to be able to see Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter aligned. But what we should really be focusing our attention on, at least astrologically, is Venus in Pisces going through Jupiter and Neptune — and Mars is going to be doing the same around a week later.”

How does the energy of each individual planet come together in this alignment?

“So to understand this we need to understand that Venus is the planet of relationships, love, value, money, self-worth. Mars has to do with our energy and drive, it’s an energy activator and it’s aligning with Jupiter too, which is expansion, exaggeration. Neptune has to do with spirit, aether, loss, and dissolution of veils,” she said.

“So at this time, we can really be reconnecting with souls that have a higher purpose in our path and are going to guide us into a much broader understanding of what unconditional love truly is. It’s a time really to experience the most ethereal, hyper-sensitive, and spiritual connections we’ve ever felt. But it could also be a time for experiencing loss, grief, and the dissolution of the veil that will show us the raw truth or a reality we didn’t want to face. But if we try to stay true and connect it to our emotions, and really tap into the sensitivity that it’s awakening within us, it can really be a very beautiful time to channel our most dreamed reality into matter.”

How should we prepare ourselves to tap into and take advantage of this energy?

“It’s very important that we stay tuned into our dreams, that we have an emotional journal, that we can have a dream journal and try to analyze the symbols that our dreams are giving us — especially because Pisces is the energy that has to do with dreams and the oneiric world. We are being guided at this time, so it’s important that we stay true to our subconscious and the symbols that it’s giving us and stay true to them. Follow every relationship and every connection. Try to stay open to what others are showing you about yourself,” Arnaut said.

To best see this alignment look east about 45 minutes before sunrise. As amazing as this alignment will be, it is just a dress rehearsal for June of this year where Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus will align.

Alignment of Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces Hasn't Occurred in 160 Years

Jupiter, Neptune Align in Pisces

Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction in Pisces, which hasn’t happened in more than 160 years. What does this mean for humanity and the planet? And how should you greet this cosmic phenomenon? 

The two planets will soon be in conjunction, where they appear to be close to each other when observed from Earth, and they will be in Pisces, something we have not seen since 1856.

Astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut explains what this means to us.

“Jupiter is the planet of news, knowledge, (and) media, and Neptune is the planet of spirituality, higher reals, higher dimensions, the ethereal — things that you cannot explain, the mystical,” Arraut said. “Something very interesting is that Pisces, the constellation where both Jupiter and Neptune unite, is the realm of both Jupiter and Neptune because before Neptune was discovered the Pisces constellation was ruled by Jupiter. So the fact that both these celestial bodies unite in both of their realms in Pisces, it’s very redundant energy where this mystical Pisces energy is going to be blooming all of our lives.”

This conjunction is in April, but we may be feeling the effects now.

“So the time this conjunction peaks is in the middle of April. This doesn’t mean we’re only going to feel it in April, because starting the Piscean month, which starts the 18th of February, we’re going to be having a boom of Pisces energy because the Sun is going to be walking towards this constellation — throughout this constellation — and both highlighting the energy of both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces,” Arraut said.

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