Yoga for Runners

Yoga and running are wonderfully complimentary practices. Yoga helps lengthen the muscles constricted through running and running helps strengthen and promote lung capacity for yogis. Gaia’s yoga for runners videos offer the tools needed for runners to reset before and after runs, and to find balance during training. Explore Gaia’s library of steady hatha yoga warm ups, post-running yin yoga practices, and fluid vinyasa flows for cross-training days. Pranayama practices (yogic breathwork) can help develop lung capacity and breath control for training and competitive runs. Gaia’s yoga asana (physical practice) videos include therapeutics for feet and shins, strengthening practices for knees and hips, core stability, restorative post-run practices, and pre-run preparation. Looking to build your cardiovascular fitness? Try a vigorous vinyasa flow practice. In addition to asana, meditation is another branch of the practice of yoga. Meditation can help build mental focus, get rid of pre-race jitters, build healthy habits, or help overcome mind fatigue while running.

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