Cosmic Disclosure
24 Seasons . 259 Episodes

NEW SEASON BEGINS MAY 28TH With mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare? From secret space programs, ET close encounters and contact experiences, to black budgets and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections.

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Cosmic Disclosure (Preview)


With increasing mainstream disclosure of UAP and UFO evidence, how can we prepare for what comes next? From secret space programs, extraterrestrial close encounters and contact experiences, to hidden history, black budgets, and advanced technology, Cosmic Disclosure explores our intergalactic connections. Listen to government whistleblowers and former operatives including Jason Rice, Randy Cramer, John Lear, Mike Herrera, and many more as they reveal all. Join our intelligence operatives and contactees as they piece together compartmentalized narratives that have been kept secret from the public.

Host: Emery Smith
Episode 1
38 mins
Emery Smith, the insider formerly known as “Paul”, comes forward to reveal his work inside secret biological facilities deep under the New Mexico desert. He tells us of his induction into secret military testing facilities where he was tasked with dissecting extraterrestrial tissue samples.
Episode 2
31 mins
Our continuing talks with Emery Smith take us deeper into the secret underground facilities in New Mexico where he was tasked with dissecting tissue from strange bodies. As we get deeper into his story, details emerge concerning the facility, the technology he used, and security procedures.
Episode 3
32 mins
Reporting to work in a secret underground facility is not a commonplace task, as relayed by Emery Smith, who relays his experiences handling exobiological specimens, ranging from small tissue samples to full-size beings. These startling revelations are just the beginning of the strangest details to emerge.
Episode 4
30 mins
Emery Smith gives us a new perspective on what is really happening during various abduction scenarios. The public is the subject of mass mind-control operations instilling fear and confusion through every means possible, including the media and staged alien abductions.
Episode 5
34 mins
Emery Smith brings forward his information concerning the formation of underground bases and secret programs creating strange hybrid creatures.
Episode 6
32 mins
With every passing day, Antarctica is garnering more attention from mainstream and alternative news sources, alike.
Episode 7
37 mins
Emery Smith fills in the gaps of disclosures brought by other insiders concerning vast subterranean tunnels and complexes in South America underlying the Nazca lines.
Episode 8
28 mins
Emery Smith confirms testimonies from other insiders who were once a part of the secret space program.
Episode 9
8 mins
David Adair explains how he became the original rocket man.
Episode 10
32 mins
David Adair, an insider from the original Disclosure Project lineup who has worked for most of his life developing secret rocket technology. As he started launching rockets in a corn field in Ohio, the military took an interest in his unusual hobby and brought him in.
Episode 11
39 mins
David Adair continues the discourse of his descent into Area 51 with David Wilcock, as he discusses his initial examination of an alien fusion reactor.