Rise and Shine: Reasons to Join the 5am Club

Yogis refer to rising early and preparing yourself for your day as your daily Sadhana. It can incorporate yoga, meditation, mantra, or prayer. Why would you walk out your door without preparing for what you will face today?

Robin Sharma, one of the world's premier thinkers on leadership, personal growth and life management calls this time the “holy hour” or the 5 o'clock club.

The body is naturally set for cleansing in the early morning hours. It is the ideal time to cleanse yourself of your subconscious doubts and fears.

Before you walk out your door, prepare for what lies ahead. Release what lies in the subconscious through the natural cleansing process of your practice. If you don’t work on letting go, your actions become ruled by the subconscious. You are destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Through the practice of morning Sadhana you become free of conditioned responses. You can see things for what they are, because your judgment isn’t clouded with past emotion. You become free.

Many schools have a formalized practice for the early hours. In the Kundalini tradition, the Aquarian Sadhana is practiced. The day starts with a cold shower, a warm-up yoga set, and specific mantras.

Robin Sharma’s Sadhana incorporates exercise, journaling, reading or listening to an audio book, and then a great cup of coffee.

There is no one formula for everyone. What time should you get up? That’s up to you.

As Mr. Iyengar says, if you’re sacrificing sleep for your early morning meditation practice and then you’re miserable for your friends and family to be around, you should reconsider when you are waking up.

Maybe you should join the “7am club” instead of the “5am club”

One of the greatest gifts of the 5am club is the development of willpower and stamina. You get up whether you want to or not, and that is a victory over the self.

This is how you begin the process of Self-Mastery.

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