Research Confirms Intention Affects Structure of Water Pt. 1

Research Confirms Intention Affects Structure of Water Pt. 1

Groundbreaking new studies have been published on the power of the mind to change the structure of water and even help stem cells grow.

Water, the most plentiful substance on Earth, has been shown to have the unique properties of recording and storing information. For this reason, it has recently been used as a target in the scientific study of mind-matter interactions.

Dr. Dean Radin is the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, or IONS, which has for the last 50 years been at the forefront of studying the frontiers of consciousness. Since 2006, Radin has led several studies on the effect of mental intention on water, culminating with a groundbreaking just-published experiment.

“We’re interested in mind-matter interactions where water is the target because we are composed mostly of water,” Radin said. “One of the questions then — when it comes to any kind of psychic healing, distance healing, energy medicine — maybe the reason why it works is because the mind can influence properties of water because then it would obviously influence all of us.” 

“So, some years ago we did some studies to look at the claims of Dr. (Masaru) Emoto, who had become famous as the result of putting different kinds of mental intentions into water and then making little frozen crystals, and his claim was that if you think beautiful thoughts at the water as you make the crystals, the crystals will look beautiful, and if you think ugly thoughts, then you get ugly looking crystals,” Radin said.

When IONS conducted two rigorous studies to validate Dr. Emoto’s work, the scientists found that the effect held; the quality of the intention placed on the water directly affected the configuration of the crystals.

In another more recent study, Radin and his team explored the effect of intention on water as part of an experiment looking at energy healing.

“We were looking at different kinds of energy medicine practitioners, and then almost 200 clients, each of which had carpal tunnel syndrome,” Radin said. “Each person then would be treated by one of the healers. We were also taking water almost as a proxy for the body. And the way that we did it, we took an aliquot of water (a couple of millimeters of water) and put it around a necklace that the healer would wear during healing, and then we gave the same to the client. So, before all of that happened we took a few drops from each aliquot and did a spectrographic analysis, which tells us about the molecular bonding in the water itself, and then they did the half an hour of healing, took the water, and did it again. So we have a pre-healing/post-healing structure of water comparison.” 

What researchers found was extraordinary.

“What we found on that was quite strong evidence that the water around the healer’s neck had changed,” Radin said. “It changed in a place where we had kind of expected it to change, which is called the stretching bond. There’s something about, not necessarily mental intention towards the water, because in the case of healing the patient, yes they were wearing a necklace, but the healer wasn’t thinking about the water, they were just engaged in a highly focused mental activity. And that was apparently sufficient to change that water in the way that we saw.”

Just what are the implications of these results?

“(With a) clinical study looking at energy medicine, the most important thing was: [I]s there clinical relevance? So the measure there is: [W]as the pain reduced? So, the answer was yes, very significant statistical difference and even clinical significance. We took a number of other measures — water measures, magnetic field measures, random number generators — to see if there was something that could be detected in the environment itself. All of that together, especially the clinical outcome, suggests that whatever it is that energy healers are doing, not only affects the patient, but it affects something in the environment, and it affects it in an objectively measured way,” Radin said.

IONS’ most recent experiment looked at the effect of intentionally treated water on the growth of stem cells — the results have the potential to change everything.

“One of the implications is that wherever stem cells are being used, you want to train the people who are growing the stem cells to maintain a certain intention; that these cells are going to grow better, and then see what happens. If it worked, well that would change everything, because now it means that anybody doing any kind of mental preparation, not just stem cells, but anything, if they come at it with an intention that this is going to work better, well, it looks like it will look better,” Radin said.

More on this important study and just what may account for these fascinating effects in Part 2 of our Gaia News Special Investigation.

Researchers Find Way to Interact With People in Lucid Dreams

Researchers Find Way to Interact With People in Lucid Dreams

The mysterious world of dreams has thus far only been fully accessible to one person—the dreamer... until now. With a recent groundbreaking study, a new age of dream research has just begun.

The lucid dream is a state of awareness that you’re dreaming while possibly having some control over what happens within it. It’s estimated that some 50 percent of people have had a lucid dream, especially in childhood.

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for decades but haven’t been able to adequately explain it because a person’s ability to recount their dreams upon waking is often unreliable. But recently, scientists have made a breakthrough by showing that people can both comprehend questions and provide answers to them, all while dreaming.

A team of international researchers studied 36 people with the goal of finding a way to communicate with them while they were dreaming. The results were groundbreaking.

Charlie Morley is a dream researcher who teaches people how to lucid dream.

“Up to this point, there’s been no way to directly communicate to the lucid dreamer while they’re in the lucid dream,” Morley said.  “You can give them instructions before, you can speak to them afterwards, but while they’re in that internal virtual reality simulation of their own mind, there’s a blackout in comms. The brilliant thing about this new study is that blackout was broken through, they could actually communicate to the lucid dreamer while they were inside the lucid dream.”

“What they discovered was, while you’re in a lucid dream you can actually direct your physical eyes at will. So, using a form of literal morse code flicking the eyes left, right, up, down to indicate certain responses, they were able to communicate with the dreamer while they were still asleep. How did it enter the dream? Three main different ways, one person said it came through a car radio in the dream, suddenly the radio station changed and they could hear the voice of the scientist. Another person said it was like the voice of god, it just came down from the sky. And another person said it was like a narrator in a film, they would then reply ‘yes, I can hear you,’ by doing two eye flicks to the left or whatever code they had predecided to indicate ‘yes.'”

Out of 158 trials, participants were able to give correct answers about 18% of the time—a statistically significant result. The validity of the results was strengthened by the fact that there were four separate teams of researchers in four different countries, all using slightly different techniques and getting very similar results.

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