Lasting Love Made Easy

Kathlyn Hendricks, Gay Hendricks
1 Season, 8 Episodes
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Whether you’re single or in a relationship now, you probably know what relationship pain feels like. Well, now you can say goodbye to resentment, anger, lack of intimacy, feelings of isolation and pain in your relationship. Instead, you can learn to experience the love and connection you deserve and desire – faster and easier than you’ve ever dreamed.

To create these six mentoring sessions, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks have relied on their 30-plus years of clinical experience with counseling couples, as well as their own breakthroughs in the early years of their relationship, when they decided they desperately wanted to get off the cycle of pain and suffering they’d experienced in past relationships.

In these six sessions, you will be asked to make a commitment to finding lasting love, you will discover the old, limiting beliefs that hold you back from finding true love, and you will learn to get clear exactly what you want and how to construct a plan to get it.