Open Minds
Season 16 . 13 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S16:Ep1, Billy Carson: Origin Stories (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
58 mins
Billy Carson shares his story of perseverance through the toughest of times, to bring forbidden knowledge to the world.
Episode 2
59 mins
The more we come to understand that we are beings of energy, the more important it becomes that we explore the healing potential of frequencies. Gail Lynn discusses how she uses sound and light waves to help her clients heal.
Episode 3
59 mins
Have you ever travelled to another reality, or met an alternate version of yourself? As science comes to terms with the many worlds theory, Robert Moss has already identified a means of exploring parallel realities through dreaming.
Episode 4
1 hr
Human behavioral expert and lifestyle coach Candace Silvers shares some of the miraculous healing techniques used by Balinese master healers.
Episode 5
58 mins
Jack Barsky was trained by the Soviet government as a spy, sent to infiltrate the U.S. In part one of his story, we learn what it takes for someone to become a rising star within the KGB and the degrees of indoctrination he received.
Episode 6
1 hr 2 mins
After gaining the skills he needed to become a top spy with the KGB, Jack Barsky is assigned to infiltrate the US. In part two of the interview, we follow the steps he took to arrive in the U.S. and start the process of posing as an American citizen.
Episode 7
55 mins
Paul Selig, channeling ascended beings, helps us to move beyond the masks we have been wearing our whole lives, to embrace the unknown, and access the true self that operates in the realm of knowing.
Episode 8
56 mins
Do you remember something differently than it appears to be today? You are not going crazy. This so-called Mandela Effect is routinely observed by more and more people and Cynthia Sue Larson may have an explanation.
Episode 9
50 mins
Dirk Nellens takes us deeper into these principles of Human Design by analyzing Regina Meredith’ chart to explain the channels and power centers which make up the energetic architecture of the human being.
Episode 10
55 mins
From the moment he emerged into the world, Billy Carson was awakened. His story serves as an inspiring reminder that no matter the circumstances, we can rise out of the darkness and become a beacon of hope.
Episode 11
56 mins
With information and disinformation coming at us from so many sources, it is becoming very difficult to sort out the truth. Author Jean Slatter suggests that rather than worrying about absolute truth it is more important to seek out your own truth — the truth you need this moment in your life.
Episode 12
1 hr
What the bleep do we know about suffering, anyway? That’s the subject of this conversation with William Arntz, director of the hugely successful film, What the BLEEP Do we Know!?, and the author of How to Suffer . . . in 10 Easy Steps.
Episode 13
55 mins
As the Covid-19 pandemic ground the global economy to a virtual halt, could it possibly contain a hidden gift? In figuring out how to put things back together, can we the people take the opportunity to reflect on what matters and make important choices?