Open Minds
Season 24 . 16 Episodes TV-PG

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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Open Minds (Preview)


Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

Discover new perspectives and alternative ideas on science, spirituality, metaphysics, and consciousness.

Featuring: Kaedrich Olsen, Paola Harris, Jerry Kantor, Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix, Wendie Colter, Marlene Seven Bremner, Lee Harris, Sarah Grace, Blu, Maren Muter, Frank DeLuca, Sir Charles Shults III, Jean Slatter, Andrew Harvey, Tara Swart, Jon Gabriel
Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English
46 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Kaedrich Olsen
What is shadow work and how does it help us in our everyday lives? Author, paranormal expert, and shadow worker Kaedrich Olsen explains how we can circumvent ego attachments that create unconscious spells which affect us.
46 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Paola Harris
What evidence do we have of extraterrestrial social engagements with humanity? Paola Harris recounts her visit to a contact site where Valiant (Val) Thor, his brother Donn, and the mysterious Jill once attended a lecture by Howard Menger.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Jerry Kantor
How has natural homeopathy been obscured from the public? Jerry Kantor wrote his book “Sane Asylums: The Success of Homeopathy before Psychiatry Lost Its Mind” to go beyond the pharmaceutical industry and expose the benefits of holistic health.
47 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Billy Carson, Matthew LaCroix
What verified and validated evidence is rewriting history? Piece together the new story of humanity over the centuries with authors and researchers Billy Carson and Matthew LaCroix as they discuss their latest collaborative book, The Epic of Humanity.
44 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Wendie Colter
How can medical intuition help us break free of standard medical models? Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Wendie Colter explains how she energetically identifies the underlying, root causes of medical conditions. Learn why science is beginning to support energy healing.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Marlene Seven Bremner
How can we use alchemy and art to heal trauma? Author and artist Marlene Seven Bremner reveals how hermetic philosophy and alchemical principles can help us liberate our authentic, creative selves. Bremner shares how we can transmute alchemical energies.
58 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Lee Harris
What is required of humanity to move into our next steps of balanced evolution? Channeler and author Lee Harris channels the Zs to offer their higher dimensional perspective on how humanity must release base emotions to transcend trials and tribulations.
53 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Sarah Grace
Some souls may not realize when they have passed away after a sudden or traumatic death. This is where author, medium, and former emergency paramedic Sarah Grace uses her extra-sensory perceptions and telepathic abilities to ease the transition.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Blu
How can we learn to understand our challenges as gifts? Influencer and podcaster Blu joins Regina Meredith to dive deep into Gene Keys and how these genetic pathways of our DNA are interconnected with our energy fields and fate.
44 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Maren Muter
Is our fate predetermined or can we define our own destiny through our choices? Author Maren Muter shares from her own experiences accessing higher realms and reminds us that we are all playing a creator role in the theater of our lives.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Frank DeLuca
How can the forces of the universe be understood through the Enneagram and the power of three, six, and nine? According to author and clinical psychologist Frank DeLuca, Ph.D., the Enneagram is a key that opens new ways of perceiving ourselves and others.
47 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Sir Charles Shults III
How can humanity best interface with rapidly expanding artificial intelligence and could it unlock secrets of the human mind? Celebrated engineer Sir Charles Shults III discuss3w AI in relation to human consciousness at the dawn of neurotechnologies.
44 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Jean Slatter
How can we follow our gut instincts to move beyond imposter syndrome and replace self-doubt with self-worth? Author and master dowser Jean Slatter offers her expertise on how we can best heal ourselves on a soul level to realize the art of proclamation.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Andrew Harvey
What do we all need to learn from the dark night of the soul? Mystic and religious scholar Andrew Harvey shares the larger-than-life lessons we can all learn from painful and difficult times, both collectively and as individuals.
42 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Tara Swart
How can we rewire and optimize our brain potential through taking conscious action with our health? Learn how spiritual practices are being proven scientifically-effective with neuroscientist and MIT professor Tara Swart, Ph.D.
45 mins TV-PG
Featuring: Jon Gabriel
How can the power of visualization reshape our physical reality? Author Jon Gabriel shares his journey of weight loss and transformation. Formerly a stock-broker who was over 400 pounds, Gabriel shifted his entire potential to a parallel existence.