Open Minds
Season 8 . 22 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S8:Ep2, Quantum Jumps with Cynthia Larson (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 2
59 mins
Try to imagine parallel streams of reality in which infinite possibilities are all played out at once. What if you could jump between these realities until you find the optimal one? This is the premise of Cynthia Larson’s work she calls Quantum Jumping.
Episode 3
47 mins
Barbara Hand Clow returns to explain how we can use ecstatic trance to initiate a new phase of conscious evolution in order to live in a time-free transparent world. As Earth begins a new phase of change, it is vital that we learn to merge our minds with the intelligence of nature.
Episode 4
59 mins
Barbara Hand Clow takes us deep into the 4th dimension to reveal the beings which reside within this realm and how they have long exerted control over humanity, the Annunaki. The 4th Dimension is a realm which is becoming increasingly open to us, as we actively engage our conscious evolution.
Episode 5
1 hr
In 1965, Swami Prabhupada set sail from India to fulfill a mission given to him by his guru: to bring the teachings of Krishna consciousness to the west. His timing could not have been better as the countercultural revolution in this strange land embraced him, and his teachings went global.
Episode 6
1 hr
Many people have given up faith in the medical industry due to ineffective treatments, especially when it comes to cancer. But, science's understanding of cancer has turned a corner and many people are finding new benefits through naturopathic and holistic approaches.
Episode 7
55 mins
Donese Worden explains the current scientific understanding of energy medicine, the challenges energy practitioners face, and she introduces us to some of the technology emerging in response to the latest discoveries.
Episode 8
1 hr 2 mins
What if there was a way to starve cancer cells of the nutrients they need to survive and improve overall health of the body? Dominic D’Agostino discusses the many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet, beyond helping people with cancer.
Episode 9
58 mins
We live in a society filled with poisons and technology which actively drains the voltage from our bodies. But, we also live in a world full of solutions to almost every problem we face. Discover the exercises, foods and devices which will help us, once again, learn how to create high voltage health.
Episode 10
1 hr 1 min
A financial coup is currently underway in Washington as the media entrainment machine churns, leaving many people feeling hopeless amid threats of another impending major financial crisis. However, Catherine Austin Fitts explains that big changes are in the wind.
Episode 11
1 hr 2 mins
Andrea Perron discusses her most recent book, In a Flicker. It is a murder mystery based upon Jack the Ripper which ties together the mystery of the Great Pyramids and the workings of CERN.
Episode 12
1 hr
Throughout the course of his life, George Adamski diligently documented every encounter he had with aliens. Glenn Steckling bears the mantle of keeper of the Adamski archive and he has come to reveal what the archive holds, including the science of interplanetary travel and anomalies on the lunar surface.
Episode 14
58 mins
There is indeed a biological basis for Bigfoot as recently recovered DNA evidence is about to settle the long lingering debate. That is, according to the findings of Jack Cary, who has been instrumental in ongoing investigations into the Bigfoot phenomena.
Episode 15
58 mins
We are beginning to see our hidden shadows rising into the light and returning to the source of love from which we all originally emanated. This comes as we are facing an increasingly polarized nation. But the one thing that seems to be missing on both sides is love.
Episode 16
56 mins
Dr. Lauren Cielo brings forward personal insights on the call for spiritual evolution and the transition beyond gender norms.
Episode 17
58 mins
Throughout human history, a wide diversity of cultures and spiritual traditions have emerged, each offering unique perceptions concerning death and the afterlife. Mark Mirabello has studied many of these cultural beliefs and has composed a traveler’s guide to the afterlife.
Episode 18
1 hr 3 mins
Lee Harris returns to channel the Zs who elucidate upon moments of birth and death from the experience of the soul. While we may have been seeking a universal answer to these mysteries, the Zs reveal that the process of incarnation is unique to every soul.
Episode 19
48 mins
We explore the influence of the seven rays upon the lives of several influential personalities, which Klaire Roy has dubbed, the Circle of Initiates. This study reveals our collective initiation into higher states of spiritual maturity.
Episode 20
57 mins
With the increased prominence of smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth and cell signals, our world has become awash with electromagnetic radiation. Learn how to set up our home and workplace to mitigate the potentially damaging effects of toxic electromagnetic frequencies. Jeromy Johnson explains how.
Episode 21
54 mins
Teal Swan shares how she learned to live with her shadow side, which was forced to emerge after enduring an especially traumatic childhood. Now she helps others unearth their past, to heal their subconscious shadows and bring them into the light.
Episode 22
50 mins
Bill McKenna shares an easy way for us to tap into higher levels of consciousness and bring healing to anyone, anywhere. Achieving these results may sound daunting, but the method is simple; easy to learn and easy to teach.
Episode 23
58 mins
Mitch Horowitz guides us on a trip through America’s occult and secret spiritual history from the first colonies to the beginning of the 19th century. What unfolds may help you to see the occult in a new light.
Episode 24
59 mins
Len Kasten illuminates the history of reptilian galactic conquests and their conflicts with human beings which led them to our solar system where they established a hybrid civilization on Earth.