Open Minds
Season 11 . 14 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S11:Ep1, Legacy of the Knights Templar and the Kingdom of Consciousness Part 1 with Freddy Silva (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
1 hr
Does the Legacy of the Knights Templar still live on, today? Despite recorded history the Templars were not in pursuit of material wealth, rather they sought to establish an enduring kingdom of consciousness.
Episode 2
59 mins
Why was the Templar’s vision of Christianity was threatening to the established church? Our conversation with Freddy Silva continues, revealing many of the Templar’s esoteric secrets.
Episode 3
55 mins
As we try to navigate these turbulent times, many of us feel the pull to help others with their spiritual ascension work. Lee Harris returns with an important message from the Zs who offer tools for deftly navigating the global transformation that is upon us.
Episode 4
59 mins
Near death experiences have the profound ability to changes one’s life forever. Rajiv Parti brings the wisdom he gained from the other side to help other heal their heart, through the power of forgiveness and connecting with the stillness within.
Episode 5
58 mins
Belinda Womack comes forward with an important message from the angels and ascended masters concerning living your purpose and sharing your gifts with the world. To help guide us through these chaotic times, they offer ways that you can use to access your exceptional gifts.
Episode 6
51 mins
Facing a life full of challenges, beset with a determination to succeed, Olympia LePoint became a true “Hidden Figure" herself, within the rocket science community. Now, she helps people to realize their own intuitive genius and unleash the hidden power of chaotic trauma.
Episode 7
55 mins
Bill McKenna returns to show us how to work with chakras to bring healing to body and soul, as well as resolve conflicts in our relationships. Plus, he offers deeper insights to working with the eighth chakra for erasing trauma.
Episode 8
1 hr 2 mins
Eileen Day McKusick explains that the same electricity which powers the stars, powers the life and vitality of our own bodies. Learn to tap into the resonance of the electromagnetic field of the body, with a specially tuned tuning fork, and untangle blockages in the human biofield.
Episode 9
59 mins
The most important and complex aspect of any given lifetime are our relationships, including twin flames or soul mates. Sheila and Marcus Gillette, channel the THEO group to explain the importance of soul integration and the release of limiting beliefs, to begin creating sacred relationships.
Episode 10
59 mins
Jerry Wills shares some of his secrets to his intuitive healing process. He explains how we each can connect with our own healing power and take an active role in our wellbeing.
Episode 11
1 hr
Paola Harris shares intricate details from several cases she has investigated involving people who have had direct encounters with extraterrestrial beings, and she brings along photos as proof. Her thorough investigation has resulted in a large body of evidence, including photographic images of otherworldly beings and their spacecraft.
Episode 12
57 mins
When the oracles of the Earth Goddess in ancient Greece rose to prominence, they were erudite women of power. Over the ages, the gods took over and patriarchy encroached into these sacred realms. Now, we can now lift the feminine spirit and return to its divine place.
Episode 13
1 hr
Theresa Bullard explains how we can use the seven processes of Alchemy and universal Kabbalah to work in participation with the universe, accelerating our spiritual evolutionary process. This is about grounding these ideas in the body and raising it to a higher state, in unison with the soul.
Episode 14
59 mins
Doris E. Cohen explains the different types of dreams we have, cyclical patterns from past lives, and how we can understand these subtle communications from the unconscious realms.