Open Minds
Season 14 . 14 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S14:Ep1, Channeling THEO: Reaching into the 5th Dimension with Sheila Gillette (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
1 hr 2 mins
Discover the parallels that connect our current shift in consciousness to the ancient culture of Atlantis. Sheila Gillette returns bringing the wisdom of the Theo group to discuss the importance of soul integration.
Episode 2
59 mins
Move beyond old models and systems of competitive masculine energy. Zeus Yiamouyiannis explains how to connect to our own unique genius and develop new models of cooperation and collaboration.
Episode 3
1 hr 1 min
Discover the extent to which the Chinese government would go to suppress the Buddhist philosophies and principles of the Falun Gong movement. Mike Chen shares his experiences with false flags, internet trolls, and arrests.
Episode 4
1 hr 2 mins
Tim Freke presents his evolutionary philosophy of conscious evolution with incredible love, that takes us beyond biology and into our soul story.
Episode 5
58 mins
Gain the subtle clues we need to fix our own problems and begin alleviating our collective anxiety about the world we face. Jared Zeizel explains that dreams, good and bad, are a mirror to our selves and the cultures we live in.
Episode 6
1 hr
Dr. Edward Group, DC, discusses the body’s self-healing mechanisms that are activated when we engage in different types of fasting, including Ketogenic diet, intermittent fasting, and the water-only fast.
Episode 7
59 mins
Learning to be free from the confines of the physical reality may be the most important step we can take in our spiritual evolution. Luis Minero shares how we can explore the subtle realms of existence through out of body experiences.
Episode 8
55 mins
What is your road, through life? Simon Chokoisky takes us deeper into five archetypes of living through the Dharma method. Explore these types, how they evolve & devolve, and meditation to better engage your life’s purpose.
Episode 9
51 mins
Neil Kramer returns to discuss the true nature of good and evil and gives us his take on how these manifest in reality. This may come in the form of moral relativism, or supernatural forces, obscuring our understanding of good and evil.
Episode 10
57 mins
Jean Slatter discusses the challenges we all face as we struggle with the blockages to fulfilling our life’s purpose. Learning to tune into the higher part of you, that actually knows what is going on, helps to bring the clarity you seek.
Episode 11
53 mins
Radleigh Valentine explores a wide array of divination methods, such as Tarot cards, runes, numerology, and I Ching. His goal is to take the away the fear so that we can discover the spark of the divine within and live a magical life.
Episode 12
1 hr 3 mins
Does our health really suffer from electromagnetic fields (EMF)? Biophysicist Konstantin Korokovdiscusses how various biological fields can be influenced by the energy of our environment.
Episode 13
1 hr
Is there a simple solution to kicking our brains into a higher gear? Neuroscientist and neuropsychologist, Lana Morrow has found a way to do just that, with a non-invasive device she invented, called THINK.
Episode 14
1 hr
What are your psychic gifts? Cyndi Dale offers an in-depth explanation of our innate psychic abilities, known as the clair senses, and reveals the various ways we receive subtle information.