Open Minds
Season 23 . 18 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S23:Ep1, Practicing Elemental Witchcraft (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
44 mins
How can we connect with the etheric elemental beings controlling our natural world? Psychic medium Salicrow shares her path of extrasensory perception for her entire life, from mediumship to elemental witchcraft.
Episode 2
46 mins
How can ET contact lead to a spiritual awakening beyond the dualistic nature of this three-dimensional reality? Laurie McDonald offers insight into what humanity can learn from ET encounters revealed through hypnotherapy regression work.
Episode 3
45 mins
Where do we go in dream travel? Spiritual medium and channel Sheila Gillette shares insights on how to use travel during sleep and out-of-body-experience (OBE).
Episode 4
40 mins
Discover how the most famous woman in the world found her voice with Stewart Pearce. Pearce returns to Gaia to discuss his professional voice work with the late Diana, Princess of Wales.
Episode 5
55 mins
What is the current direction of humanity's evolution? Legendary channeler Lee Harris returns to Gaia to share profound and timely insights from his channeled guides, The Z’s.
Episode 6
46 mins
How can the Enneagram model help us to understand and improve our relationships with others? Clinical psychologist Frank DeLuca, Ph.D., explores his research and recent book – A Field Guide to Humans: Enriching Relationships Through the Enneagram.
Episode 7
35 mins
How can we pull from the Akashic Records to enhance psychic abilities? Bonni McCliss is a psychic medium and Akashic Records reader sharing her personal journey.
Episode 8
45 mins
If extraterrestrial beings exist beyond our current perceptions, how can we communicate with them? Is it possible that superior civilizations can help us to bring peace to Earth? ET contactee and experiencer Tim describes his face-to-face experiences.
Episode 9
45 mins
How do we reclaim our connection to the soul in a world laden with fear? Tiffany Barsotti, Ph.D., describes what it takes to break free of these relationships and tendencies and make a deeper commitment to ourselves.
Episode 10
43 mins
How are the tribal people of Northern America connected to the ancient civilization of Atlantis and Lemuria? Regression therapist and QHHT practitioner Sarah Breskman Cosme shares her clients' perspectives of their past lives.
Episode 11
47 mins
Matias De Stefano awakened the memories of his many past lives, in ancient times that predated the dynasties of ancient Egypt. Sharing his thoughts on the nature of time, memory, and emotion, De Stefano explains how every moment resonates throughout the universe as a vibration that is stored as energy.
Episode 12
45 mins
Who are the shadow people that we may see in dark corners? Do these appearances point to our contact with other dimensions? Researcher Mike Ricksecker discusses these phenomena.
Episode 13
48 mins
Where do our souls come from? Regression therapist Linda Backman shares her insights on soul origins and why we are all incarnating on Earth during this dynamic, challenging time.
Episode 14
45 mins
Enhance overall health and wellbeing by understanding your unique star lineage. Debbie Solaris returns to share further details of her experience with human soul origins in star systems such as Arcturus, Andromeda, Lyra, the Pleiades, and Orion.
Episode 15
45 mins
For decades, stories of ET abduction and UFO sightings have been suppressed. How can we bring more accounts of human experience with ETs to light? UFO investigator Roderick Martin shares his experiences.
Episode 16
47 mins
Can science help us understand the spiritual order of the universe? Paul J. Mills, Ph.D. shares his study of metaphysics and the inspiration for his book Science, Being, & Becoming: The Spiritual Lives of Scientists.
Episode 17
45 mins
Could our personalities from past lives try to rectify their experiences in our current lives? Exploring timelines, consciousness, genetic blueprints, and quantum awareness, author Joseph Selbie dives deep into the nature of being.
Episode 18
47 mins
How do we reach beyond the confines of the autistic spectrum to understand what individuals are experiencing on a multidimensional level? Integration specialist Suzy Miller has been working with clients on the autistic spectrum for over 20 years.