Open Minds
Season 6 . 28 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S6:Ep1, Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming with Jared Zeizel (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
38 mins
With lucid dreaming, you can learn how to not only remember your dreams but how you can intentionally use them for clearing out negative emotions, boosting creativity and problem solving.
Episode 2
1 hr 3 mins
Carl Lehrburger unravels what may be the true history behind the discovery of America, which is nothing like what we were taught in school. It is possible that the rulers already knew of the New World and its riches? If so, then what were the true motivations for Columbus’s voyage?
Episode 3
56 mins
Carl Lehrburger guides us on a journey through the forbidden history of America by detailing evidence of a European presence long before Columbus.
Episode 4
58 mins
Michael Mott suggests that humanoid beings, dwelling in underground Biosystems, have always been a part of Earth’s ecosystems. Discover more about inner earth beings.
Episode 5
1 hr
To disclose or not to disclose is not up for debate with those who are desperately awaiting the official revelation of otherworldly beings and advanced technology. But who could have ever guessed that a small college town in Texas just might be the location of the catalyzing events we have all be waiting for.
Episode 6
59 mins
Passionate love can come on in a flash and can weather just as quickly. But when the chemistry goes away, you finally get to meet the real person in your relationship. Now is the time you come to terms with compatibility and if you were meant to be together.
Episode 7
58 mins
Each of us come into the world to fulfill our dharma, or soul contract. With that, we will build many relationships, some lasting a lifetime. To better learn how to navigate these relationships, we need to understand our own dharma and how the five dharma types work and communicate with each other.
Episode 8
1 hr 2 mins
Everything we know about our wellbeing may be backwards. Dr. Jack Kruse has found that consciously creating the right environment of light, water and magnetism may dramatically increase health and healing in the body.
Episode 9
58 mins
Can something as simple as breathing become the foundation for a healthy mind and body? Anders Olsson explains that breathing is the basis for the quality of your life and enlightenment.
Episode 10
58 mins
It has become Simon G. Powell’s mission to bring forward the spiritual benefits and a scientific understanding of psilocybin in order to change the way government agencies and cultural norms approach natural psychoactive substances.
Episode 11
1 hr 1 min
Many centuries prior to organized religion, the power to heal and bring blessings of the spirits into our world rested within the hands of the powerful and wise shamans. Today, these shamans still walk among us, and one of them is Itzhak Beery.
Episode 12
1 hr 3 mins
Today, many organized religions are struggling as new religious thoughts emerge. Many of these new religions focus upon the divine feminine, which Tricia McCannon calls, the return of the divine Sophia.
Episode 15
55 mins
Little by little, the aboriginal people of Australia have entrusted their secrets to a few individuals with the hope of bringing them to the world in a respectful way. Those secrets were passed on to Robbie Holz, who, like her husband, had been trained by the Aboriginals and has become a powerful healer.
Episode 15
1 hr 1 min
Mariana Cooper explains that each and every one of us has latent psychic talents, to some degree. To that effect, she enumerates different forms of psychic abilities and communication styles so that you can open the intuitive senses that you were born with.
Episode 16
58 mins
The complexities of chronic illness continue to baffle even the most ardent of scientists. But Dr. Jerry Tennent thinks he may have unlocked the secrets to overcoming chronic illness and returning to the body to its natural state of health.
Episode 17
1 hr 1 min
Rupert Isaacson’s incredible journey to learn how to heal autism with horses began with a chance encounter as his son, who was diagnosed with autism, suddenly connected with neighbor’s horse.
Episode 18
1 hr 3 mins
Through a unique astrological system, based on this information, Connie Kaplan helps people to discover their reason for living by gaining a deeper understanding of the soul and its connection to the unified field of consciousness.
Episode 19
54 mins
Tom Hatsis scrutinized medieval documentation of witches and has uncovered a history mired in misogyny and persecution against peaceful practitioners of folk medicine who used entheogens as part of their worship of an ancient fertility goddess.
Episode 20
1 hr 2 mins
Eighteen years of the life of Jesus is unaccounted for in the biblical accounts of his life. Paul Davids has explored the mysteries of where Jesus was and what he was doing during those missing years.
Episode 21
37 mins
Gary Malkin, who has composed music for film and television, has personally witnessed the power music holds over our emotional state. Through musical composition and the design of health care facilities, he helps people to cope with emotionally challenging moments of their lives.
Episode 22
56 mins
Doug Noll has studied the science of how the brain processes conflict and has developed a program to help inmates learn the art of peaceful conflict resolution. He has discovered behavioral patterns that can help people build connections between the emotional and language processing centers of the brain.
Episode 23
56 mins
Johnson was a repeat offender serving a 40 year prison sentence when he had a spiritual awakening. After his release, the pieces fell into place for him to start a program which would help transitioning inmates learn how to find their own sacred space and begin to heal the wounds deep in their souls.
Episode 24
1 hr 1 min
Neil Kramer has a unique way of melding the philosophical and mystical by tapping into the wisdom of Hermetic teachings in order to give us practical means of discerning the truth through experiential knowledge.
Episode 25
59 mins
Freddy Silva takes us on a tour of magical places on Earth which were built with the primary intention of inducing otherworldly experiences. These are places where one may enter as an ordinary human, but exit with the likeness of a god totally aligned with the laws of the universe.
Episode 26
56 mins
Sheila Gillette returns, once again, to channel the THEO group. This time, they bring insights into the nature of parallel lives, soul families and accepting guidance from the higher self without doubt.
Episode 27
53 mins
As the shamanic prophecy of the Eagle and Condor comes to a close, we will see a uniting of heart and mind. Utilizing wisdom from the Paqos of the Andean Mountains, Jeffrey Wium explains how we can unite the intellect of the mind with the intelligence of the heart to bring balance in this turbulent time.
Episode 28
55 mins
As a T.V. weatherman, Scott Stevens has seen many strange weather phenomena over the course of his career. But when the weather failed to follow known predictive patterns he began to investigate the cause. What he learned about chemtrails changed his understanding of reality.
Episode 29
1 hr
Enrique Villanueva has experienced extraterrestrial contact throughout his life. But he never understood the nature of those experiences until he met with the Rahma group learned how to meditate with the intent to initiate contact.