Open Minds
Season 10 . 16 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S10:Ep1, The Emotion Code with Dr. Bradley Nelson (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
56 mins
There is a powerful technique you can use to discover the emotions which lay at the source of your discomfort and illness, then discharge them in a way that brings lasting peace and wellbeing to the body. It is called, the Emotion Code.
Episode 2
55 mins
Each of us wears an invisible garment, woven with spiritual principles that connect us with each other and to something far greater. Connie Kaplan explores many of these spiritual principles, how they are expressed through our actions and manifest in our world.
Episode 3
54 mins
Opposing views of our world are presented by mainstream, alternate and social media; each source claiming to hold the truth of what is going on. Daniel Sheehan explains that this is all happening, hidden behind an intricately woven false façade of alternate realities.
Episode 4
59 mins
Mainstream culture is being used as a control mechanism for the masses by increasing the degree of polarization within our society. To understand how this works, we delve into Hermetic thought and explore the Principle of Polarity from the Kybalion.
Episode 5
1 hr 2 mins
Explore the occult foundations of progressive social concerns in American history with the charismatic figure of Helena Blavatsky who brought forward the strengths and benefits of Buddhism and traditional Hindu beliefs. We also discover the origin of the power of positive thinking and Law of Attraction.
Episode 6
58 mins
Mitch Horowitz continues our exploration into the history of new thought and spirituality with the realization of the secret destiny of America. From the homegrown traditions of Hoodoo to the scholarly works of Manly P Hall, the tenants of American occult history have been hidden in plain sight.
Episode 7
59 mins
Cyndi Dale delves beyond the seven chakras to explore the twelve-chakra system, and elucidates upon functions of the chakras that even the most adept of spiritual student may not know. The chakras project the auric field around the body, connect with spiritual beings and make manifest our desires.
Episode 8
58 mins
Tiffany Barsotti explains how we can engage with the higher mind and begin healing the core wounds from which all of humanity suffers. She explains the various archetypes we can encounter, the roles they play in our lives, and how we can ally ourselves with them to shift our energy.
Episode 9
53 mins
John St. Augustine highlights the times he ignored repeated calls from spirit to listen, which led to everything he knew to be true falling apart. It is his hope that others benefit from his lessons, so they too learn to be in direct communication with self and begin living life to its full potential.
Episode 10
56 mins
Compton Rom explains that we need more than just food, supplements and lifestyle to maintain the optimal health of the body. Delve deep into the science of the human microbiome to understand how the microbes throughout our bodies work to maintain and promote healthy states of wellbeing.
Episode 11
59 mins
When Max Lugavere’s mother was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease, he dropped everything in pursuit of finding out how to reverse her condition. He discovered that the foods we eat have a big impact on the wellbeing of our body and brain.
Episode 12
1 hr 2 mins
Dr. Raymond Moody is in pursuit of a rational understanding of near death experiences and the afterlife. He has developed new rules of logic which may finally yield a means for conceptualizing these ineffable experiences of life after life.
Episode 13
58 mins
Jason Quitt explains how you can experience your multi-dimensional existence by getting out of your body to explore other realities and alternate timelines. His insights can help you successfully and safely traverse previously unfathomable realms of existence.
Episode 14
59 mins
Scott Stevens brings forward new information on the increasing frequency and intensity of the extreme weather patterns we have recently experienced. Unsurprisingly, at the core of the issue we find widespread geoengineering programs.
Episode 15
55 mins
The field of UFOlogy is imbued with delusion and disinformation run rampant, according to Greg Bishop. What we find will raise more questions and highlight the lengths of deception enacted by government agencies to protect secret programs at military facilities.
Episode 16
56 mins
David Childress heralds many Insiders’ claims that research into electro-gravitics began prior to WWII, with discoveries from Nikola Tesla. This led to the clandestine development and testing of vehicles, often seen as UFOs, which could shatter the oil-based economy.