Open Minds
Season 4 . 46 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S4:Ep1, Reprogramming Your Mind (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
1 hr
An ideal life is the result of the mind’s ability to manifest belief patterns.
Episode 2
1 hr 1 min
An immense body of UFO research exposes the agenda for managing off-world contacts.
Episode 3
1 hr 10 mins
The delicate balance of natural forces that gave rise to life on our planet is being thrown into disarray by worldwide geoengineering programs.. Leading the charge against geoengineering is Dane Wigington who reveals why our weather is being hijacked and how we can take up the fight to reverse the damage.
Episode 4
1 hr 4 mins
We need to take an honest look at the radiation contamination from Fukushima and many other nuclear sites around the world. The situation may be far worse than we have been told. Dr. John Apsley reveals how we can detox from radiation and reverse chronic degenerative diseases using only natural potent substances.
Episode 5
53 mins
As we stand at the dawn of a new era, the ancient extraterrestrial agendas are changing dramatically. Tom T. Moore traces the history of extraterrestrial influence upon our civilizations’ progress and explains what we can expect with the coming unveiling of humanity.
Episode 6
49 mins
We may feel that that we are alone and helpless during the desperate moments of our lives. The truth is that we are never alone. Tom T. Moore explains how to receive the most benevolent outcomes, for yourself and others, by learning how to ask the guides and angels that walk alongside each of our lives.
Episode 7
48 mins
As we reach the latter half of our lives, the movements of Saturn, Uranus and Chiron call upon Kundalini to rise. This can create turbulent personal and emotional changes such as the midlife crisis. Barbra Hand Clow offers advice for gracefully transitioning through these grand passages of life.
Episode 8
45 mins
Between the lines and between the words, we may find a truth that is far stranger than any fiction. In her soon to be released book, The Ruby Crystal, Barbara Hand Clow spins a tale of power and secrets hidden within the Vatican, which may be all too true.
Episode 9
57 mins
The future of humanity is not just a matter of technological innovation, but one of spiritual advancement. Glenn Steckling conveys the messages of George Adamski concerning the presence extraterrestrial intelligence on earth and their influence over the development of humanity.
Episode 10
48 mins
Five times catastrophe has struck our planet and evidence suggests that we are now beginning a sixth cycle of destruction and creation. What is our place in this transition and how can we adapt to a newly emerging world? David Christopher offers sage advice for those seeking the wisdom underlying this turbulent transition.
Episode 10
55 mins
The power to change your life lies within the secret code of your name. Each one of us has a unique set of talents, challenges and karma that can help or hinder the fulfillment of our purpose in life. Nicolas David Ngan explains how to reveal the secrets of your name and how changing your name can change your life.
Episode 11
37 mins
The time will come when we will encounter such life and must face certain theological and ethical questions. Ted Peters explains the moral and religious dilemmas we will face when mankind finally openly encounters its first extraterrestrial intelligence.
Episode 12
34 mins
Timothy Good reveals details of the Amicizia Project from the 1950s, where mankind became the benefactor of off-world advanced technology; technology which has since been hidden deep within black projects.
Episode 13
37 mins
After 65 years of UFO investigations, the general public is still in the dark about what is really going on. David Marler presents little known details of past contacts and explains darker messages from the increased sightings of triangle-shaped craft.
Episode 14
48 mins
An unseen world of living beings thrives in the natural world which surrounds our own which many of us are oblivious of. Linda Shaylor Cooper invites us to explore the worlds of magic and wonder hidden the gardens and natural areas everywhere.
Episode 15
1 hr 7 mins
In an unprecedented live channeling event, Joan Walker channels Metatron, who reveals the true origin and destiny of humanity. It is important to discover the truth of where we came from if you want to better understand the future of humanity.
Episode 16
1 hr 1 min
In this live channeling event, Joan Walker channels Anna, who discusses the balance of masculine and feminine, and reveals the future of human gender as we progress into higher dimensions of existence.
Episode 17
51 mins
Occasionally a soul agrees to leave its body so that another soul can complete its mission for that lifetime. These new souls are called walk-ins and they can bring profound lessons for all of humanity. Nicolas David Ngan, a walk-in himself, explains what happens when two souls agree to share a single lifetime.
Episode 19
58 mins
The influence of big-money weaves a delicate tapestry of international commerce. With the tug of a single loose thread, this intricate financial network could fall apart. Andy Hoffman gives us an economic overview of several key nations caught in this financial web and highlights the instability of our global economy.
Episode 20
58 mins
It is never too late to discover the unique wisdom and strengths of feminine and masculine forces by bringing balance to the yin and yang within. Cate Montana reveals the life-long journey that led her to embrace and embody her own feminine and masculine strengths
Episode 21
1 hr
Long ago, North America was home to an advanced race of giants who built great mounds, mummified their dead and raised megalithic structures. Despite the suppression of information, Richard J. Dewhurst has uncovered proof that ancient giants once ruled America.
Episode 22
1 hr 2 mins
We know precious little about human consciousness. However, a recent discovery has shown a surprising new way that we can dramatically enhance our mental capabilities. Dr. James Hardt explains the neuroscience behind achieving the highest levels of consciousness using love and forgiveness.
Episode 23
47 mins
There is no argument that we are in turbulent times. These challenging times present us with the perfect opportunity to change our lifestyles and build stronger communities. Carolyn Baker Ph.D. offers hope for the future by helping us to see that the coming collapse is actually an opportunity for deeper spiritual growth.
Episode 24
54 mins
With dwindling resources and increasing costs, our reliance on carbon-based fuels is coming to an end. Fortunately, new developments in low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) technology will put a safe and efficient form of power back into to the hands of the people.
Episode 25
59 mins
With a myriad of creation mythos conflicting with physical evidence, discovering the true origin of humanity may come only by bridging science with metaphysics. Paul Von Ward has pieced together details from our ancient past and offers a completely different view of how humans originated on this planet.
Episode 26
1 hr 1 min
Perhaps fantastical creatures like dragons, mermaids and centaurs, are no longer here, because they are slipping away. Not to the ravages of time, but rather staying in lower-dimensional reality as human beings progress into higher dimensions. Sheila Gillette channels the THEO to find answers.
Episode 27
55 mins
What we bring into this world, from across our lifetimes, has the most profound impact on every aspect of who we really are. Sheila Gillette channels the THEO group to explain how agreements made by the soul, before birth, influence DNA and affects the connections we make with family and friends.
Episode 28
1 hr 3 mins
In a world awash with media, the value of the individual is diminished in favor of a hive-mentality. Neil Kramer explains how you can begin living as a sovereign human being by deliberately creating and refining the self and awakening the Will within.
Episode 29
56 mins
Our modern sleep culture may be the cause of our sleep difficulties. Learning how to get a good night’s sleep has been shown to influence healthy states of mind and body. Kat Duff reveals many secrets of sleep, including insomnia, recurring dreams, and sleep walking.
Episode 30
46 mins
Many people are disappointed that the end of the Mayan Calendar, in 2012, did not bring about the great transformations that were hyped. However, something subtle and spectacular did actually happen.
Episode 31
51 mins
Dowsing is as old as time and has proven to be a reliable tool for those who have honed their craft. Jean Slatter explains the history of dowsing and how you can begin using a pendulum to build confidence in your intuition.
Episode 32
55 mins
There is a mounting body of evidence indicating that our beliefs and expectations directly affect the conditions of our lives. Dr Joe Dispenza explains how you can open the door to your subconscious mind and begin creating a new healthy and functional template for your life.
Episode 33
55 mins
What we are told to believe about our health may be just as important as the medical treatment we receive. Dr Joe Dispenza explains how we can break free from the collective programming that affects our states of health and happiness.
Episode 34
1 hr 1 min
Thousands of years ago, two angels broke away from the heavenly order and used ancient civilizations as the battlegrounds for their conflicting philosophies. Timothy Wyllie details channeled information on the great heavenly divide that continues to affect human evolution on a global scale.
Episode 35
55 mins
With an educational system churning out drones devoid of creativity and perfectly suited to serve a corporate dystopia, our hearts and minds continue to yearn for artistic release. Chris Spheeris explains how we can reengage our connection with Source so that art can once again become a spiritual process.
Episode 36
56 mins
There is no doubt that there is a connection between a healthy mouth and healthy body, and a pharmaceutical solution may not always be the best option. Linda Straub-Bruce shares some of the best practices for dental care and oral wellbeing using plant based remedies.
Episode 37
45 mins
In 1957 the Pentagon received a visitor from another world named Valiant Thor. He stayed as their guest for over three years. Filmmaker Craig Campobasso recounts the events surrounding Valiant Thor’s tenure at the Pentagon and shares details of his divine design for humanity.
Episode 38
55 mins
Our day-to-day reality is really nothing more than a projection of mass cultural hypnosis. Nigel Taylor explains how to awaken from this mass illusion, called Maya, in order to become something greater than anything you could ever conceive.
Episode 39
44 mins
Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence may not really be as random as it seems. Astrologer Heather Arielle examines the charts of her clients who have had extraterrestrial experiences and highlights what they have in common.
Episode 40
29 mins
The sheer destructive power of a nuclear explosion is unfathomable to most people on Earth and unacceptable to those not of this Earth. Robert Salas details his personal experience of an incident in 1967, when the night sky was filled with UFOs and all underground nuclear missiles were mysteriously deactivated.
Episode 41
36 mins
As a historian that specializes in extraterrestrial contact, Richard Dolan has studied the gamut of UFO history from science and military to personal accounts. Now, he shares a few of these strange stories which may have a lasting and profound effect upon our civilization.
Episode 42
55 mins
One of the most profound UFO encounters happened in Rendlesham Forest on December 26, 1980. That night, strange multicolored lights descended from the sky and landed near the twin RAF bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge. Nick Pope details the events of the encounter at Rendlesham Forest.
Episode 43
59 mins
As a ranking member of Britain’s Ministry of Defense, Nick Pope was privy to disinformation stratagems used to obscure and suppress any information concerning credible UFO encounters. He now reveals many of the tactics and techniques used to cover-up the events of the Rendlesham Forest encounter.
Episode 44
47 mins
Satellite imaging and ground penetrating radar may give credence to anecdotal accounts attesting that the legendary ark rests atop Mt. Ararat. Aaron Judkins recounts the trials and tribulations of his valiant quest in search of Noah’s Ark.
Episode 45
58 mins
If there is an unseen power ruling over our society, it does so only because we allow it to hold sway over the course of our lives. Neil Kramer defines the dominating ethos of Empire and explains how our culture continuously creates and perpetuates it existence.
Episode 46
53 mins
A ubiquitous lesson that we are taught from a very young age is that we must relinquish our power to authority. Neil Kramer reveals how we can disempower Empire by willfully choosing sovereignty and prepare for any potential consequence.