Open Minds
Season 3 . 26 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S3:Ep1, Edgar Cayce's Atlantis with Raymond Tarpey (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
59 mins
The legends report that the lost civilization of Atlantis is lost forever. Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet, offers hope that their crystal technology is not forever lost. Historian, Raymond Tarpey offers insights to Edgar Cayce’s readings on the lost civilization of Atlantis and where its people and secrets are today.
Episode 3
58 mins
Despite the objections, there may be a way to have a surprisingly compassionate connection with our food, through hunting. Author of The Mindful Carnivore, Tovar Cerulli tells of his emotional dilemma and the spiritual discoveries he made when he decided to stop being a vegetarian and took up hunting.
Episode 4
1 hr
In a recently banned TEDx video, it was suggested that mind-altering plants may have initiated, and continue to, enhance human consciousness. Graham Hancock argues that we are entitled to adult sovereignty of consciousness as a path to piecing together the lost reality of our human history.
Episode 5
58 mins
When drugs, poverty and unrealistic materialism were destroying inner-city communities, one producer revived conscious music and empowered a new era of activism. Hank Shocklee explains his mission to bring together higher consciousness artists who inspire change in their communities and the world.
Episode 6
59 mins
Since the beginning of time, many systems have been developed to connect with the divine and reveal the mysteries of what is yet to come. Today, we have unprecedented access to these tools and their practical use. Paul O'Brien, author of Divination offers an overview of the history and use of divination.
Episode 7
59 mins
I Ching is the oldest and most revered of all divination tools. Paul O'Brien, an I Ching expert explains different divination tools before delving deep into the history and uses of the I Ching, including his modern reinterpretation of the hexagrams.
Episode 8
1 hr 2 mins
Chris Saade personally grew up amidst the violence of Beirut and saw the destruction that stems from religious exclusivity. He shares what he learned from his experiences and how an inclusive second wave of spirituality can bring the greatest hope for our future.
Episode 9
1 hr
Imagine a frequency, emanating from the silent place in our hearts, reminding us of our capabilities and overriding the programs that keep us asleep. Brenda Williams recounts her journey to discover the Triad Wave and how she is bringing it to popular culture and “bringing the children home.”
Episode 10
59 mins
We live in a world where it can be difficult to break away from simply accepting what we are told to do and to believe. Terry Patten explains how we can rise to meet the unique challenges of our times by using our higher consciousness to break free from the cult of the world.
Episode 11
59 mins
Born in the years following World War II, the baby boomers witnessed some of the most influential events in American history. Robert Phoenix lays out the astro-legacy of the baby boomer generation and reveals what's in store for them in the next ten years.
Episode 12
1 hr 1 min
Born just in time to experience some of mankind’s greatest turmoil, the Millennial Generation’s greatest strength comes from their shadow of Pluto in Scorpio. Robert Phoenix, discusses the quirks and kinks of this generation and why they have the greatest potential to bring lasting change to the world.
Episode 13
56 mins
The World Bank was founded to offer financial aid to developing countries of the world. It did not take long for the distribution of these funds to become corrupted. As a World Bank attorney, Karen Hudes saw the shadowy schemes of the banking elite and brings forth a sobering message for the whole world.
Episode 14
58 mins
Though we communicate differently, building a spiritual rapport with our pets can form a life-long friendship full of joy and understanding. Linda Bender explains how we can spiritually engage with our companions to better understand their needs and the needs of the planet.
Episode 15
1 hr
Sacred sites have a measureable energy which connects the earth to the sun through magnetic portals. Freddy Silva explores what this connection means and how these sacred sites of consciousness can bring about spiritual transformation to everyone on the planet.
Episode 16
1 hr 1 min
Bearing various guises and names as they move through the ages, advanced beings have walked among us, even before the fall of Atlantis. Stewart Pearce has helped many people get in contact with these advanced beings that we commonly call angels.
Episode 17
58 mins
While we may not be able to fully understand what our pets are trying to tell us, we can tune into their energies and receive clear messages about their wellbeing. Gail Thackray explains that we can create a deeper level of understanding with our pets when we learn to connect with them on a spiritual level.
Episode 18
1 hr 1 min
Little do many of us realize, that the infinite wonders of the universe are reflected by the lives we live. A.T. Mann has studied our intricate connection with the cosmos and explains how astrology reveals that we are inextricably intertwined with the sacred architecture of the universe.
Episode 19
1 hr 1 min
What does it mean to be human? Is it something in our molecules or our unique expression of consciousness? The answer to these questions lies hidden within our DNA. William Brown explains how the unused DNA in our bodies can be unlocked to reveal the greatest secrets of being human.
Episode 20
1 hr 1 min
Now that we have begun the 21st century, Urantia Book’s inter-dimensional consultants continue to guide us through this fragile period of our history. Byron Belitsos explains how we can use their ongoing celestial guidance to heal our broken planet and create a sustainable civilization.
Episode 21
57 mins
After experiencing a Kundalini awakening, Martin Birrittella was determined to make enough money to support a life of meditation and spiritual contemplation. This road was not always easy. Now, Martin Birritella shares his understanding of free will and focused awareness so that we all can pursue the road of enlightenment.
Episode 22
1 hr 1 min
There is no doubt that 2013 has been a financially turbulent year. While several controversial economic issues were dominating our mainstream news media, many others passed by unnoticed. Andrew Hoffman gives us an update on the financial dealings of 2013 and offers insight into the murky machinations of the financial elite.
Episode 23
1 hr 2 mins
While many of us struggle with the complexities of ordinary consciousness, other people naturally have the ability to see beyond the limits of time and space. Andrew Basiago became aware of these abilities at a very young age and now he reveals the secret programs that he was once a part of.
Episode 24
1 hr 2 mins
Would you allow a device into your home that had known health risks, increased your monthly bills, and made it easier for you to be spied upon? Despite documentation of detrimental health effects, smart meters are being forcibly installed into people’s homes.
Episode 25
58 mins
The implementation of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has sent shockwaves through both ends of the political divide. Dr. Carlos Santo guides us through an overview of Obamacare and offers a physician’s view of navigating complex healthcare systems.
Episode 26
1 hr 1 min
We all share in the illusion of separateness when, in fact, we are inseparable from the mind of the earth, the animals and our fellow humans. Dr. Larry Dossey explains the interconnectedness of all life and conveys the importance of consciously accessing the One Mind.
Episode 27
1 hr 1 min
If we are carefully observant, we will see repeating patterns of angles and ratios throughout all of nature. These patterns were incorporated into sacred architecture and the secrets nearly lost through time. As a trained architect, Scott Onstott’s passion is decoding sacred architecture.