Open Minds
Season 5 . 57 Episodes

Host Regina Meredith interviews thought-provoking luminaries, cutting-edge visionaries, and tireless researchers. Her talk show provides crucial information to awaken viewers to new perspectives that spark awareness, understanding, and transformation.

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S5:Ep1, Scanning the Future with Philip K. Dick featuring Anthony Peake (Preview)
Open Minds (Trailer)
Episode 1
56 mins
Every so often, a visionary comes into our world with the ability to transform the ways we perceive our reality. One such person is renowned science fiction author Philip K. Dick. , Anthony Peake illuminates the life, mind and influences of Philip K. Dick.
Episode 2
56 mins
Lady Tracy Worcester environmental activism efforts have culminated in the documentary film, Pig Business. Lady Tracy Worcester calls for consumers to take the pig pledge in order to understand what our purchasing choices really mean.
Episode 3
1 hr
Children born post 9/11 will be unlike any generation seen before. They live in a continuously changing environment fraught with massive social revolutions spawned by rapid technological advancements. Kingsley Dennis defines the generation just now rising from the ashes of the world we leave behind.
Episode 4
59 mins
Money is one of our most intimate relationships in life. If you want to better understand what is happening with your life, it is time to take a long honest look at your relationship with money. Tracy Smith has defines the gifts and talents of eight different sacred money archetypes.
Episode 5
59 mins
It is a matter of grave concern when our children’s imaginary friends cross into the real world, heralded by paranormal phenomena. Ann Andrews recounts her harrowing experiences as she realized that her child’s imaginary friends were actually extraterrestrial entities.
Episode 6
1 hr 2 mins
Troy McLachlan describes our planet in a time before time, when people lived in a time of abundance and peace. After this world came crashing down, an elite class rose, bent on maintaining their abundant lifestyle. Troy McLachlan defines this secret society, which now reigns over our financial institutions, as the Saturn Death Cult.
Episode 7
55 mins
Your name is the key to understanding your soul contract and how it interacts with another’s. Nicolas David Ngan explains how you can use soul contract work to maximize every relationship in your life.
Episode 8
57 mins
A massive change is about to take place for humanity at the genetic level. In essence, we are mutating into the next level of humanity. Richard Rudd explains the intricacies of his 64 Gene Key system that can unlock the secrets underlying who you are and why you are here.
Episode 9
1 hr 2 mins
Much of the paranormal phenomena and extraterrestrial encounters that have spawned ancient accounts continue to this day. Malcolm Robinson explains the intersection of other realities by recounting several otherworldly tales from modern-day Scotland.
Episode 10
56 mins
Many children born today are coming into this world with a higher level of consciousness. Nicolas David Ngan explains how we can use the insights from soul contracts to better understand and nurture our children’s gifts and goals.
Episode 11
59 mins
A new era of scientific research is providing insight on how we can guide our own evolution in order to reverse aging and to make death obsolete. Dr. Bill Andrews and Dr. Terry Grossman are two such scientists, and they have come to explain the science of immortality.
Episode 12
59 mins
Lifetime after lifetime we encounter the same collection of souls which repeatedly returns to support each other through their various lessons together. Sheila Gillette channels THEO who explains reincarnation and the soul family before answering questions from a live studio audience.
Episode 14
1 hr
Jerry Wills began his extraordinary life as a baby abandoned near a military base. As he grew, he discovered healing and intuitive abilities that would eventually set him upon the path to fulfill his destiny as the transformational healer that he is today.
Episode 15
1 hr 3 mins
News media continues to report that the economy is in recovery, yet many people are still struggling just to survive. Why are food prices still going up and what’s going on with interest rates? “It’s not the economy, stupid.”
Episode 16
1 hr 1 min
From the moment the Perron family moved into their dream home, strange things began to happen. Andrea Perron recounts the frightening real-life events that became the basis of the Hollywood movie, The Conjuring.
Episode 17
58 mins
Hidden in the heart of our being is a divine-spark that can release these fractures and bring us into alignment with the divine. THEO, as channeled by Sheila Gillette, reveals how you can rediscover and integrate your divine essence into the wholeness of your being.
Episode 18
57 mins
It took a trip to the café at the end of the universe for Jerry Wills to realize that we are not alone. His visits gave him the insight to recognize various otherworldly beings, their devious designs for humanity and how to avert them.
Episode 19
52 mins
Once upon a time, alchemists and philosophers where highly regarded as keepers of great wisdom. This wisdom could be lost if not for those devoting their life to preserving their secrets. Steven Ross explores the teachings of philosophers and alchemists of old to reveal the secret to living an alchemical life.
Episode 20
58 mins
From the emergence of the first conscious humans to our imminent technological transcendence, what it means to be human has always been in flux. Byron Belitsos explains transhumanism from the Urantia perspective by highlighting the history and future of human evolution.
Episode 21
1 hr
As life continued for the Perron family, the persistence of paranormal activity forced them to come to terms with the multi-dimensional aspect of their reality. In her second interview with Regina Meredith, Andrea Perron shares what she learned from her many encounters with multi-dimensional entities.
Episode 22
46 mins
For the first time in human history, each of us has instant access to an immense treasure trove of information. However, as a society, we have lost the capacity for wisdom. Steven Ross explains how we can reclaim our wisdom by opening our minds to become channels that receive higher teachings from archetypes.
Episode 23
1 hr 5 mins
According to the Urantia Book, the fabled land of Atlantis was the locus for two off-planet factions struggling to be the sole progenitors of advanced human civilization. Byron Belitsos recounts the Urantia Book’s telling of the rise and fall of Atlantis/ Eden and the ongoing battle to control human evolution.
Episode 24
1 hr 2 mins
Sacred architecture has always served as a means of conveying symbolic information, but its secrets were decipherable only to a select few. Randall Carlson reveals the secret ratios and patterns found in the cosmos and throughout nature which are encoded within sacred architecture.
Episode 25
1 hr 5 mins
Cosmic order is realized through patterns found in nature as well as the cyclical timing of major geological events. Randall Carlson explains the connection between catastrophic events and cosmological cycles, such as the precession of the equinox, from the perspective of sacred geometry.
Episode 26
57 mins
Has our society become so complex, that our children have become overwhelmed by the many demands placed upon them? Kim John Payne suggests returning simplicity to our children’s lives to reengage their sense of security and creativity.
Episode 27
57 mins
Despite the traumatic paranormal events of the Perron’s home, they learned that humanity is beginning to shift into a higher dimensional state where the paranormal will become the normal. Andrea Perron explains that her experiences taught her how we can prepare for the coming paradigm shift.
Episode 29
1 hr 7 mins
Humanity once thrived during a golden age as the glowing visage of Saturn perpetually loomed high above…and all good things come to an end. David Talbott recounts various remnants of these bygone centuries as depicted by the thunderbolt and celestial wheel as etched upon ancient rock faces.
Episode 30
58 mins
What the future holds for us is uncertain. But we can expect a world filled with technology advancing at an ever-quickening pace. With such a future, is there any place for the human mind? Adam Curry explains the coming intersection of technology and consciousness.
Episode 31
59 mins
It seems that we not only share this planet with a great diversity of life, but we all share in a collective consciousness as well. Linda Bender has long had a deep rapport with the animals in her life and she explains the intuitive connections we all share, and can strengthen, with the animals in our life.
Episode 32
59 mins
Lee Harris explains how he connects with the collective consciousness and channels higher beings before entering trance and channeling “the Z’s” who offer wisdom on intimacy and the current changes humanity is experiencing.
Episode 33
58 mins
The golden age of Atlantis and Lemuria was a time when humanity understood its energetic connection to a greater universal collective. Though lost through the ages, it is now being reclaimed. Lee Harris discusses holding the balance between spiritual and worldly connections before channeling “the Z’s.”
Episode 34
55 mins
As our souls progress lifetime after lifetime, we lose the memories of who we once were. This is not the case for Joan Grant. Jane Lahr recounts the extraordinary lifetimes of Joan Grant and her gift of far memory that inspired her writings.
Episode 35
1 hr 6 mins
Every year a new virulent strain of virus holds us captive to the threat of the next great plague while truly devastating diseases garner less attention and public anxiety. Dr. James Hutton explains some of the most provocative viral infections while discussing lesser known treatments that have proven effective.
Episode 36
59 mins
The secrets underlying the ultimate transformation are now ready to be revealed. Freddy Silva explains the ancient secrets of resurrection as whispered by many mystery schools from times of old and into their modern day teachings.
Episode 37
46 mins
Jane Lahr brings forward some of the lost works of Joan Grant so that we all may benefit from these profound teachings. Joan Grant chose not to publish some of her most poignant works, such as her lifetime as a Native American and the time she spent with Jesus and Mary Magdalene.
Episode 38
52 mins
Within the flicker of the silver screen, subtle hints of real extraterrestrial contact have made their way into our psyche. Len Kasten offers a review of the recent history of extraterrestrial contact, on and off the silver screen, which has led to the development of advanced technology and an interplanetary exchange program.
Episode 39
1 hr 2 mins
Len Kasten discloses details of the Zeta Reticuli exchange program which was an exchange program with an extraterrestrial civilization that was approved by the U.S. government in 1964. One year later, twelve military personnel departed on what was to be a ten year mission to the planet Serpo.
Episode 40
58 mins
Jerry Wills explains how we can all tap into our own healing abilities and where to look for answers if such healings do not work. We may be quick to blame the ineptitude of the healer but we must realize that what results is always a consequence of each individual’s path.
Episode 41
1 hr 1 min
Joel Bakst explains how the tenets of the Torah, Talmud and Kabballah work together, with human consciousness, to help reunify the collective human soul. Through our consciousness, we can willfully reunite our lower dimensional existence with the higher dimensions of divinity.
Episode 42
1 hr 4 mins
Daniel Raphael offers guidance for returning the social aspect to sustainability in our global civilization. If there is little hope that we can fix these problems ourselves, perhaps we may need some celestial guidance to help heal our broken world.
Episode 44
53 mins
Matthew Fox unveils the light that Hildegard von Bingen brought to the world through her visions and teachings. Her divine visions heralded a new movement of Christian mysticism that persisted for centuries.
Episode 45
1 hr 2 mins
Matthew Fox compares and contrasts the teachings of the Rhineland’s two greatest mystics, Meister Eckhart and Hildegard von Bingen. Eckhart was firmly dedicated to promoting his view of compassions which were in direct opposition to the capitalist powers of his day.
Episode 46
58 mins
Dr. Ed Park conveys detailed information about the cutting edge of longevity studies including advancements in telomerase and adaptogen research. He offers a fundamental change in how we think about physiology and maintaining health and wellness in order to slow or halt the aging process.
Episode 47
57 mins
David Berceli explains how we can learn to shake off trauma. The emotions resulting from traumatic experiences can embed unwanted emotional triggers deep within the subconscious mind. But there are techniques that can help us learn how to release these trapped emotions.
Episode 48
1 hr 2 mins
Ivan Rados explains how we can live in a society, without following all of the unwritten rules of decorum yet fully express our innate divine love and awareness. These Rules of society and cultural obligations can stifle artistic ingenuity from blossoming.
Episode 49
1 hr 12 mins
Meg Blackburn Losey conveys that the definition of what it means to be a sentient being is being redefined in each generation. From Indigo to Crystal Children and beyond, each generation of humanity enables us to better comprehend what it really means to be human.
Episode 50
58 mins
Michael Esposito shares some of his most profound discoveries while recording ghostly voices.Could it be that certain locations are prone to recording audible emotional emanations and reproduce them only when the conditions are right? Or can we really detect the lingering presence of spirits yearning to be heard?
Episode 51
58 mins
Christopher Moon relates how he learned to communicate with the spiritual realms via a unique technological advancement called the Spirit Telephone. Those who are technically adept and sensitive to spirit communication have learned how to bridge the gap between technology and the spirit world.
Episode 52
1 hr
Death may come as a surprise to a young soul, and Michael Lindemann explains that this not an ending, but just the beginning of a long journey. But, this adventure is never a solitary venture as we all have many partners that we help and in turn assist us to navigate the journey of our soul across lifetimes.
Episode 53
27 mins
From the Reticular Activating System, which may be the seat of conscious awareness, to the functions of the Alta Major chakra, we can reorient our understanding of consciousness by exploring the Theosophical way of balancing energy.
Episode 54
1 hr 1 min
The New Age movement, no matter how popular it is, seems to have a tough time resolving real-life concerns. Nigel Taylor discusses the conflicting information found throughout various self-actualization movements in order to examine aspects of the authentic self.
Episode 55
1 hr
By deciphering ancient Vedic texts in Sanskrit, Simon Chokoisky has decoded the Five Dharma Types. This knowledge can give you the insight needed to discover who you are at the core of your being and finally steer your destiny toward true happiness.
Episode 56
1 hr 1 min
Catherine Shainberg explains how a mother-to-be can help to bring the greatest power in the universe to her womb. Visualization is the key. It taps into the language of energy and can inform the body what to do when words don’t work.
Episode 57
55 mins
Nostradamus once predicted great calamities to befall the Earth. Yet, none of them seemed to have occurred. When Nostradamus came through in a channeling session with Dolores Cannon, he revealed the truth behind his quatrains and how humanity avoided these great disasters.
Episode 58
1 hr
Who can you turn to when a child goes missing and the police have exhausted all leads? Robbie Thomas has honed his psychic abilities in order to become a valuable asset to law enforcement by helping them solve some of their toughest cases and bring missing children home alive and well.
Episode 59
56 mins
Paul O’Brien reveals how divination can be a very powerful tool for guidance, but only if we are willing to let go of our attachments to specific outcomes. Divination can help us to tap into our intuitive wisdom and discover a wise resolution.
Episode 60
54 mins
Paul Wagner can help you get a leg up on day-to-day situations with a system he developed called The Field Guide to Human Personalities. It is a set of 78 unique personalities that each one of us takes-on in order to face different scenarios.