Still your mind and improve your focus with Gaia’s online collection of physical movement (asana) practices, meditations, and philosophical lectures. With Gaia’s yoga videos for concentration, learn to attune to the present moment, declutter your mind, and move through the day with clarity and purpose. A physical yoga practice is a great way to stimulate mental focus on your mat and in your life. Balancing yoga poses such as tree pose, eagle pose, warrior III, half moon, dancer’s pose, crow pose, and many more, all utilize a concentrated gaze (drishti) to provide stability in the body and focus in the mind. Find the best online yoga videos for concentration for your individual needs in Gaia’s extensive online library. Learning concentration on your yoga mat can translate into your day-to-day life by improving focus at work, studying and schoolwork, as well as presence with friends and family. Find tools and practices to help you stay engaged in each moment of your life! Gaia’s online guided meditations for concentration can be used in conjunction with a physical yoga practice for concentration or all on their own. Curious how to meditate to improve concentration? Let Gaia’s experienced teachers guide you through practices that can offer the mental clarity and focus you desire to find concentration in your everyday life. The benefits of concentration meditations have a wide range and can include increased focus while studying or working as well as an enhanced sense of mindfulness and clarity.

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