Core practices build strength and mobility in the front, back, and sides of the torso. The core is also the home of your personal power, inner strength, and manipura chakra (energetic center). Gaia’s online core yoga classes focus on strengthening both the physical and energetic core. Yoga poses for core toning can help you find the stability and strength you need to begin, sustain, or advance your yoga practice. Whatever your current activity level, Gaia’s online yoga catalog has classes that can suit your needs from beginners’ yoga for core strength, to specific classes of more challenging yoga poses for abs and core. At different times in our lives, our bodies may crave more intense yoga core exercises or gentle yoga for core strength. Find the best online yoga classes for your body that stimulate and activate your core both physically and energetically. Gaia’s online yoga videos for core also feature pre- and post-partum classes for women to help prepare bodies for childbirth as well as strengthen and redevelop abdominal tone after giving birth. Energetically, your core is where feelings of self-worth and courage live and is the center of confidence in the body. Stimulating the physical core is said to encourage more courage off the mat. Gaia’s yoga for core strength and flexibility videos include specific sequences from styles such as hatha and vinyasa yoga as well as fitness-based classes that provide yoga core exercises for toning and strengthening your abdominals and back.

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