In The Raw with Chef Cynthia Louise
1 Season . 21 Episodes

Create wholesome raw food, step-by-step, without the complexity of dehydrating, sprouting, and fermenting.

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In The Raw with Chef Cynthia Louise (Preview)

Create wholesome raw food, step-by-step (without the complexity of dehydrating, sprouting, and fermenting) “In The Raw” by Chef Cynthia Louise was created with a purpose. A purpose of creating delicious food that not only satisfies your hunger cravings, but tastes AMAZING, serves all the organs in your body, and most of all, uses fresh, accessible ingredients from any Farmers' Market or supermarket. It’s fresh, delicious, quick, simple food that can be eaten on any occasion - take it to a party, picnic, BBQ or simply eat it every day. This series is also for people who want to eat raw foods when healing from many types of illness or diseases; from inflammation and skin disorders to those touched by diabetes, heart disease and cancer, or people who do frequent health detoxes. You will find that with eating this way there should never be a feeling of missing out on your favorite meals. No sprouting, fermenting, dehydrating!

  • So simple even your kids can make it (and I hope they do)
  • Step-by-step: Chef Cynthia teaches you all the techniques
  • No fancy equipment required like expensive dehydrators
  • High vibrational food to give you new found energy It’s fruit, veggies and others plants - all sexy and glammed up. From family coleslaw, tasty salsa and pasta dishes through to burgers with the lot.
Host: Chef Cynthia Louise
Episode 1
2 mins
You will be blown away with Chef Cynthia Louise’s soul-fueled way of looking at the world and food!
Episode 2
10 mins
A light, refreshing salad with an easy-to-make salad dressing!
Episode 3
9 mins
Breakfast of champions with ice cream! Really easy breakfast to make that will sustain you all day long.
Episode 4
5 mins
The most beautiful, tastiest, freshest salad you can bring to a BBQ party and share!
Episode 5
18 mins
A burger that will make you feel like you're not going without!
Episode 6
10 mins
A light soup with almond milk and added hallots to bring out a savory flavor!
Episode 7
11 mins
A coleslaw with a dressing that makes a difference!
Episode 8
11 mins
Corn salsa and guacamole made with simple ingredients!
Episode 9
8 mins
A really filling version of a fattoush!
Episode 10
18 mins
A beautiful smelling Indian veggie salad! Coriander or cilantro is a wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron, and magnesium as well.
Episode 11
12 mins
This dish is a beauty, as you feel like you’re having an Asian-flavored takeaway!
Episode 12
17 mins
A great alternative to your tuna mix with a very tasty mayo made from cashew!
Episode 13
6 mins
Simple but nutritious oats groats for breakfast!
Episode 14
14 mins
Serve and enjoy the feeling of having a living Pad Thai.
Episode 15
15 mins
There's nothing better than having a creamy and luxurious pasta sauce!
Episode 16
9 mins
Loaded with vegetables, this recipe contains an abundance of fibre which is an natural agent in keeping you regular! The capsicum, zucchini and tomato also provide your body with a selection of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help fight against free radicals.
Episode 17
26 mins
Reinvented quiche with plant-based ingredients!
Episode 18
11 mins
An awesome, classic porridge with healthy, soaked almonds!
Episode 19
14 mins
Loaded with herbs and spices, this raw cabbage slaw can be served along side steamed fish, tofu or on it's own as a fresh salad for lunch.
Episode 20
16 mins
A stunning tempeh for lunch or dinner!
Episode 21
18 mins
A mouth-watering and very nutritious dish!