Restore Trust

Kevin Courtney
Yoga Every Day
S17:Ep25RestorativeAll Levels-1, 236 mins

This week’s theme Shraddha can be translated in many ways. Devotion, faith, and trust are just a few possibilities.

Through yoga practice, our trust can grow in many directions. We can develop trust inwardly as we come to count on our own instincts, intuition, and sense of knowing. We can also build faith for the yoga practice itself, trusting that our practice is here as an ally in our own personal journey.

In today’s restorative class, we will embrace a series of prop-supported postures that will open up the space for you to receive the gifts of yoga practice and offer you the stillness to trust the natural intelligence of your body, heart, and mind.

Props: Two blankets, a bolster, a strap, and a block

Instructor/Host: Kevin Courtney
Video Language: English