Total Reset

Ashleigh Sergeant
RestorativeAll Levels-1, 21 hr, 6 mins

Return all of your bodily systems to neutral with this nourishing and restorative practice that will lubricate your joints, relax your muscles, calm your nerves, and ground your mind. This deeply rejuvenating yet complex practice will be spent almost entirely on your back and belly. We will move through sliding, gliding, and rocking movements to unwind the deep unconscious patterns that take hold during busy times with these motions culminating in supported bow pose. We close our class with yoga nidra (guided relaxation) for savasana. This class is perfect when you need a major pause from life’s demands, including lots of physical exertion.

Ashleigh invites you to practice this class without a mat and just use the floor or blanket instead.

Props: 2 blankets, bolster, two blocks, strap