What Stops Us?

Bernie Clark
YinAll Levels-1, 21 hr, 5 mins

In this class, Bernie explores the two major causes of our edges in a yoga posture: tension and compression. In yoga, like in life, we will come up against an edge, a stopping point, a place beyond which we just can’t seem to go. It is valuable at these times to inquire, “What is stopping me?” Bernie teaches how to differentiate between tension and compression, and learn what to do about them. We will discover that skillful action may not be to go further at all, but to accept where we are already at.

Contraindications: Students with lower back disorders and/or hip problems should check with their doctors to make sure that they will are able to do flexions, twists and extensions. Students with hip replacements should make sure that they do not adduct the legs or internally rotate the hips.

Props: sitting cushion, bolster, blocks