Whether you're just coming back from a holiday filled with rich foods or you have something more serious like IBD, bloating and indigestion can leave you feeling uncomfortable and even in pain. Instead of popping your millionth antacid, give yoga for digestion a try. With our collection of yoga digestion videos, you'll move through a series of poses designed to energize your digestive fire (Agni). Improper digestion can lead to gas, bloating, and misdigestion of nutrients - all of which can lead to weight gain. With yoga for digestion, we can quickly slim down our waist lines just from relieving bloating symptoms. Over time, you'll build extra enzymes that will move through your body to clear out anything you don't need - helping to detoxify your body and lose weight. This digestion yoga series is great for anyone with digestive concerns and symptoms including bloating, depression, low energy, stress, trouble sleeping, and indigestion. In this yoga digestion collection, you'll find practices ranging from dynamic Vinyasa to classic Yin, all of which will stimulate your digestive organs, while giving your body the rest it needs. Create flow in your body, mind, and life as you breathe deeply to connect to the moment. Open up and settle down to stimulate your natural rest and digestive response systems and create an optimal state for great inner health. Explore a world of classic Hatha postures, flowing movements, and steady twists designed to soothe your nervous system, massage your digestive tract, and ease your body into a state of deep relaxation. Health and happiness follow when you care for yourself.

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