An easy breakdown of the colors in an aura


We explained yesterday the basics of how to see auras, and how you can begin attempting to read them. Have you been getting your practice in? If so, and if you’ve been successful in seeing the auras, you may have noticed something: auras come in different colors. Each color, ranging from the brilliant colors of the rainbow to darker hues you see in nature, has a different meaning for the person it’s connected to.

Here is a basic guide of the main colors you should be aware of. Take note that these colors refer to seeing the aura in the general head area of the person you are reading; aura color can change from section of the body to section of the body, but since the brain, where the thoughts and focus take place, is located in the head, you will need to pay special attention to it.

As we mentioned yesterday, there are also “flashes” you may see as you read an aura. These changing flashes indicate quickly changing thoughts or desires. We’ve included a guide on these various “flash” colors, as well!

Without further ado, here are the main colors to be aware of when reading the aura of another person, or yourself:

Bright Colors

• Purple: this color means you’re connected with spiritual thoughts. Because we humans can be fickle and changing, purple is never a strong point in the aura, and instead appears as the bits of “lightning” we mentioned, indicating truly spiritual thoughts.

• Blue: this is a good place to be. It symbolizes a balanced existence, sustaining life, eased nerve system, transmitting forces and energy. Blue strong pointed-people are back to their basics and are ready to survive caveman-style. They’re born survivors. If you see blue as a flash, it’s a thought about relaxing the nerve system to achieve the balance of the mind or a thought about surviving.

• Turquoise: this is a very Type-A personality. It indicates dynamic quality of being, highly energized personality, capable of projection, and influencing other people. These guys are great multitaskers and good organizers, but they need to be challenged frequently or they get bored. They also make great leaders, as they explain their goals and influence their team instead of demanding things getting. As expected, a turquoise flash is a thought about organizing and influencing others.

• Green: like the earth, this color is a restorative aura. It signifies restful, modifying energy, and natural healing ability, which means all natural healers should have it or a green flash in their auras. Usually, the stronger the green aura, the better the healer. Not surprisingly, they also love gardening, and are good at it, too. Green flashes indicates a restful state and healing.

• Yellow: people with yellow auras are full of joy, freedom, non-attachment, and freeing or releasing vital forces. They know where their joy is—inside!—and as a result, tend to be generous. The downside of these yellow auras is that they tend to be not very attached to anything, and therefore their free spirits may not be truly connected to anything solid. You may see an actual yellow halo around a person’s head, which is a golden ticket. This means high spiritual development and is a signature of a spiritual teacher. However, they are also fairly rare to find any larger than 1 inch, so be discerning of who you accept spiritual teachings from. Where does this halo come from? A yellow halo appears as a result of a highly active brow chakra, which can be seen glowing with violet as well, as highly spiritual people stimulate the brow chakra continuously for many years, because of the intensive spiritual thoughts in their minds. Yellow flashes indicates a moment of joy and contentment.

• Orange: this means a person who is uplifting, absorbing, or inspiring. Orange aura can be a sign of power and the ability and/or desire to control people. When orange becomes a strong point, it usually contributes to a yellow halo, which then becomes gold, indicating not only a spiritual teacher, but a powerful spiritual teacher, someone capable of demonstrating his/her unique abilities. An orange flash is a thought about exercising power or a desire to control people.

• Red: a red aura can be somewhat of a red flag, as this means a focus on materialistic thoughts or about the physical body.

• Pink: a mishmash of purple bleeding into red, this aura color means spiritual love in a spiritual sense, and is no easy feat. To obtain a clean pink aura, you need to mix the purple, the highest frequency we perceive, with the lowest, which is red. Pink auras indicate that these people achieved a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and the material existence. The most advanced people have not only a yellow halo around the head, which is a permanent strong point in the aura, but also a large pink aura extending further away. These people are rare, though not as rare as someone with a yellow halo.

“Dirty” Colors

These colors show up darker than the background, and are almost like a smoke or mist rather than an actual glow. We’ll cover these quickly; if you see them, you probably need to make a solid life change. If you see them as simple flashes, action is still necessary but not as difficult to make.

• Brown: unsettled, distracted, materialistic, negative energy and spirituality.

• Gray: dark thoughts, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of a dark side of personality.

• Sulfur (a sickly mustard color): pain or lack of ease, anger

• White: serious disease, artificial stimulation (such as drugs). Why does the white color in the Aura indicate problems? White color is like a noise, rather than a set of harmonious tones (monochromatic colors). It is impossible to “tune” the noise to an orchestra playing harmonious music, hence the white Aura indicates a lack of harmony in the body and mind. Nature, which we are a part of, is harmonious. This harmony comes in discrete vibration “tones” or harmonics, partially described by the modern quantum physics.

Want to change your aura color? You can amplify your aura vibration and bio-energy with a few easy practices, like meditation (try to cleanse your mind of any thoughts whatsoever), concentration exercises, and matching your aura with the environment. Good luck!


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