Tips for Getting More Internal with Your Meditation

Although meditation techniques vary depending on the tradition and the practice, secular mindfulness practices generally point to those that focus on ‘observing’ or ‘witnessing’ internal events like breathing or thinking.

::Mark Williams

All of these spiritual toys are great to help you stay focused, because it is not easy to stay on your disciplined path toward health and happiness. At a certain point, though, you will want to let go of these spiritual toys, one at a time, in order to not crutch on something external. Your inner peace and relaxation will come from the strength of your own intellect controlling the whims and fancies of your mind.

3 Tips for Mindful Meditation

1. Don’t Share

I suggest you don’t share with anyone close to you that you are doing this practice until you have completed it or done it for an extended period of time. Their opinions, questions, and suggestions will clutter your own truth.

2. Remind Yourself

If you need to remind yourself about your inner calmness throughout the day, you may want to wear your mala around your neck with the guru bead (the biggest bead that unites all of the other beads and usually has a tassel attached to it) on the nape of your neck. Put it under your shirt so it hits your skin and reminds you constantly of that spirit energy. You can wear it around your wrist, too, if that helps.

3. Mantra Magic

Choose an affirmation/mantra to recall throughout the day in order to keep your mind focused on something higher.

Kick-Start Your Path to Presence

Try not to be like the child who plants a seed and digs it up the next day to see how much the roots grew. Be patient with yourself and your mind. It will fluctuate, so just know that these practices will work as long as you don’t stress about the results. One day at a time! I believe in you! Do you? See you on the other side.

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