Sunrise Yoga
Season 2 . 20 Episodes

Sync up with the rhythmic wisdom of nature. Tap into your natural rhythm and awaken with these mindful 30-minute practices. Engage your day grounded, centered, and present with Sunrise Yoga.

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S2:Ep1, Strong Foundation (Preview)
Episode 1
29 mins
Foundation is everything. Without it, nothing above would be stable. This practice is designed to strengthen your legs and lower core through moving meditations. Dance your way through the standing series, creating a strong foundation in your legs and pelvis.
Episode 2
34 mins
Gradually awaken, beginning with yin-spired poses for your shoulders and hamstrings and then energizing from the ground up through fun standing sequences. Ease into your day and leave your mat feeling energized and ready for anything!
Episode 3
24 mins
Start your morning with gentle movement and a meditation to shift your entire day. Connect to a place of stillness and centeredness in your core before your day begins.
Episode 4
29 mins
Start your day with this sweet vinyasa practice with Nichole, reminding yourself that each day is an opportunity to begin again.
Episode 5
28 mins
Start your morning with a beautiful self-care ritual that blesses the heart, mind, and body. Explore sweet, gentle movement, harmonizing pranayama, (breath work), and a short micro meditation to ensure that you carry your own beautiful blessing out into the world.
Episode 6
31 mins
Open the core of your body with this gentle morning flow. Combine pranayama (breath work) and a sequence of poses designed to focus on your quads, shoulders, hips, and core to leave your body oxygenated and ready for the day.
Episode 7
31 mins
A simple morning ritual to focus your mind and ignite your heart. Begin lying down to gain connection with your hearts desires, then move through some gentle earth salutions and conclude practice with the gayatri mantra. Use movement, breath, affirmation, and meditation to create inner sacred space for your day ahead.
Episode 8
30 mins
Graittude is a healing and transformative source that is always within reach. Begin this joyrful practice with a chant to Lakshmi (goddess of abundance) and move into a flowing practice to open your heart. Experience strong standing poses, forward folds, and grounded hip openers and heart openers as you work toward ardha chandra chapasa (sugarcane pose).
Episode 9
25 mins
The subtle energy system governs your health, vitality, and emotional life. Enjoy this simple and powerful practice to activate and connect your chakras from the base through the crown. Enliven your inner body so that you can engage your life with maximum potency as you move through the day.
Episode 10
33 mins
This very slow paced morning practice stems from a sequence around the idea "stable sacrum, stable mind". Explore a mindful meditation and a physical practice that is mostly reclined and designed to massage and stabilize the sacral region of the lower back.
Episode 11
30 mins
By facing and overcoming your challenges, remember your strengths and your true power. Join this morning vinyasa practice inspired by the story of Garuda and prepare to soar into your full potential today.
Episode 12
35 mins
A morning affirmation practice filled with enlivening movement, inspiring meditation, and strong pranayama that leads to inner wisdom and insight. A potent and powerful way to start your day!
Episode 13
30 mins
Take time this morning to get centered and rooted. Begin by using an invocation for Ganesha to help you find roots in your heart and then use balancing poses to help you grow roots to the earth.
Episode 14
21 mins
This morning meditation practice is a simple and beautiful exploration of the goddess Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion. Welcome this simple way to align yourself with the heart of your heart, preparing you to approach your day from a centered, balanced place.
Episode 15
34 mins
Awaken your intention for the day in body, mind and heart with Sianna’s Sunrise Sadhana class.
Episode 16
29 mins
Awaken your spirit in this invigorating and inspiring practice to welcome the sun. Move through sun salutations, warrior poses, heart openers, forward folds, and crow pose to bring energy to your heart and make the day count.
Episode 17
31 mins
Brighten your day with this fluid morning practice. Bathe in the etheral movement of devotion as you wake up your body for a radiant day. A garland of graceful movement, mantra, and pranayama (breath work), this class is a beautiful way to start each day.
Episode 18
25 mins
Explore some basic movements to prepare your body for meditation. Then move into a dharma talk about how to open to what is and about 10minutes of meditation. This is a fantasic practice if you are new to meditation.
Episode 19
32 mins
Ignite your heart fire in this warming and empowering practice. Through the goddess gayatri chant, mudra (hand gestures), yoga postures, and breath of fire, make energetic offerings into the alchemical fire of love, vibration, and wisdom.
Episode 20
32 mins
Embody the mythic phoenix and sing to the spirit of the sun in this lively practice and morning ritual flow. Use chant, flowing movement, mudra (gestures), and pranayama (breath work) to help you blaze bright. Challenge your inner fire through splits variations, hand balancing, strong standing poses, and shoulder opening.