Sunrise Yoga
Season 3 . 18 Episodes

Sync up with the rhythmic wisdom of nature. Tap into your natural rhythm and awaken with these mindful 30-minute practices. Engage your day grounded, centered, and present with Sunrise Yoga.

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S3:Ep1, Tantrik Pranayama (Preview)
Episode 1
25 mins
Clear out the subtle energy pathways with this simple lecture and breath practice. Clear out brain fog and fatigue as you explore the more mystical aspects of tantra.
Episode 2
34 mins
How you use your feet and legs radically alters your experience in a yoga posture. This grounding practice focuses on how to access and use the feet and legs as physical gateways into new experiences. Enjoy the stability and clarity of finding your ground first thing in the morning.
Episode 3
34 mins
Maintaining mobility and flexibility in the spine, our central channel, is key to developing an upright relationship with ourself and the world. Join this morning practice featuring an energetic spinal warm-up series and a few basic stabilizing yoga postures. Includes vigorous breathwork and kriyas. Recommended to practice before breakfast.
Episode 4
33 mins
Cultivating strength is a pathway to experience a surrendered state of relaxation. This vigorous morning practice includes surya namaskar (sun salutations) and warrior poses. Then dissolve into some quiet moments of integrative relaxation before heading out into an illuminated and awakened day.
Episode 5
34 mins
A state of calm can be nurtured and cultivated with some attention and practice. This easeful, breath-centered morning practice invites us to experience the potency of doing less. Gently awaken your spine and hips through slow, fluid movement, then close with savasana.
Episode 6
29 mins
Join Gina for an energetic blossoming through approachable heart openers. We’ll explore all the places that can cause limitation like shoulders, chest, side body, upper back and neck to leave you feeling fearless and free.
Episode 7
31 mins
Engage all sides of your core to cultivate personal strength and fortification: physically, mentally and energetically. Get sweaty while staying low to the ground and focusing on your center.
Episode 8
32 mins
A gradual exploration of the physical roots – hips and legs – to get you moving into your day with both ease and empowerment! This efficient and thoughtful practice touches on all four types of hip-openers for integrated freedom.
Episode 9
31 mins
Our spines are a thing of wonder! Often, our spinal movement becomes repetitive and limited.Expore all five movements of your spine to keep it in great working order.
Episode 10
35 mins
Focus on the subtle body and explore the energy of the pelvic floor. This practice contains isometric engagements and kriyas (actions) to charge you up for the day.
Episode 11
35 mins
In traditional yoga, the arms and legs are called the ‘organs of action.’ When employed in a specific way they can be powerful tools to help us unlock tension in the body. This practice aims to lengthen the spine with the support of the limbs and awaken energy deep in the core of the body.
Episode 12
33 mins
Your breath has the power to shape the way you think, feel, and act — your yoga practice can help you deepen your relationship to this vital function. This sequence is centered on breath and cultivating a calm and stable presence through standing and seated postures.
Episode 13
33 mins
In yoga, you have the opportunity to find your center and gain strength at the same time. Explore a strong practice with the core by moving slowing in a variety of postures to emphasize a centered state of being.
Episode 14
34 mins
Life is challenging enough, our yoga practice doesn’t always have to be. Experience the potency of this rhythmic and yet restorative practice to lubricate the hip joints and spine. Release into a state of deep relaxation with supported savasana.
Episode 15
33 mins
Balancing poses cultivate both physical and mental equilibrium. Explore a variety of balance postures including tree pose (vrksasana), half moon (ardha chandrasana), and find beautiful movement with poses such as stargazer (parivrtta parighasana).
Episode 16
31 mins
This slow-flowing class offers intentional and biomechanically-informed movement to help you to find focus throughout the fluid changes of life.
Episode 17
33 mins
We often blame hip inflexibility on simply being “tight,” but the culprit may be a lack of strength and imbalanced use of hip muscles. In this practice, first strengthen and then stretch all four muscle groups that act on the hip joints for increased long-term mobility.
Episode 18
32 mins
Explore many types of side stretches and experience the feelings of freedom and enhancement that they offer. Side stretches, or lateral flexion of the spine, is one of the movements we do least in our modern, computer-centric lives. As a result, we’ve lost some range of motion in our spine, which affects the movement of our shoulders, hips and breathing capacity.