Explore your natural range of motion, promote better posture, improve breath capacity, and strengthen the muscles in your torso with Gaia’s collection of twisting yoga practices. Gaia’s online yoga classes explore twisting for physical benefits such as tension release, range of motion, and spinal flexibility as well as energetic benefits such as encouraging the flow of prana (life force), clearing out mental blockages, and creating space for positive change. Twists are a functional movement of the body you may not practice in day-to-day life. Yoga for twists can invite more balance to the body and mind. Finding movement through yogic twists can stimulate circulation and digestive fire (agni) in your internal organs, and can help to create a mental detoxifying effect. Beginner yoga twists can include accessible poses such as supine twist (jathara parivartanasana) or half lord of the fishes (ardha matsyendrasana). Gaia’s collection of yoga twists for beginners can help ease into increased spinal mobility and help you to create elasticity in the spinal muscles and strength in the core muscles. Deeper yoga twists can include revolved chair pose (parivrtta utkatasana) and revolved lunge pose (parivrtta anjaneyasana). Explore advanced yoga twist videos from Gaia’s online teachers to find new depth and engagement in your established yoga practice. More advanced yoga twists can add in elements of depth or balance. Build into standing spinal twists and one-legged balancing spinal twists through Gaia’s online yoga videos. Then, learn counter poses for yoga twists to create balance throughout your body. Spinal twists in yoga involve both flexibility and strength. Use Gaia’s yoga practices for twists to learn proper alignment for yoga twists, strengthen and tone abs and low core, and establish ease and flexibility throughout the spine. If you have questions about your spinal or abdominal health, please consult your physician.

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