Beginner Yoga

Having trouble sitting cross-legged? Not quite sure how to come out of downward dog? If you're new to yoga, this collection of yoga for beginners videos is just right for you. Our beginner yoga videos focus on following the rhythm of your breath, developing a sense of body awareness, and working toward a fully present state of mind. Create the foundation for a powerful and lasting practice. In the physical realm, yoga enhances circulation, respiration, and digestion, which all promote optimal health. These yoga for beginners practices will address your entire well being - body, mind, and spirit. The world of yoga is far broader in its reach than we will ever know. However, with these beginner yoga videos, you will target the foundational stone on which yoga stands and hone your focus, awareness and integration. Use the architecture of your body, the observation of your breath, the curiosity of your mind, and the passion of your heart to drive you further into the mystery of being. Whether you're a total beginner or an advanced practitioner looking to refine your practice, this collection of yoga for beginners videos is for you. Learn the fundamental postures of yoga and begin to connect them with your breath. These fundamentals will feed your ability to help you practice and give you the foundation to kick off your yoga practice. Our beginner yoga videos are designed to train and strengthen the body, but also to train the mind to come back and focus on your breath. Move through a steady and comfortable sequence of gentle yoga poses. You've made the decision to practice yoga and unrolled your mat, now it's time to find a practice that suits you. All you need is breath, discipline, trust, love and a good sense of humor. Open your body and center your mind.

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