Ground yourself into the earth and twist your body up into the sky as you flush toxins from the body and revitalize your circulation. In this collection of yoga twists, you'll find sequences and postures designed to cleanse both the body and mind. By gently twisting the spine, we promote blood flow and massage our internal organs, promoting detoxification and rejuvenation of the whole body. Often people can find twists to be uncomfortable and even agitating. This is because we don't often perform twists in our daily lives. However, the benefits of yoga twists can be enormous. When there's a lack of space in our spine, we tend to slump and slouch, which causes our energy levels to drop. Physically, twists lengthen the spine and create space between the vertebrae allowing our energy to flow, while also tightening and massaging our major organs to aid digestion. Emotionally, twists allow your body to squeeze and release areas that hold on to the stress of past traumas. Root your legs and grow your spine into a spiral staircase toward the sky. Twists incorporate the center of our body, working our core muscles to relieve tightness that causes pain. When we don't employ our full natural range of motion, our joints harden and stiffen. In this collection of yoga twists, you'll find practices designed to promote better posture, improve breathing, strengthen the back muscles, and realign and hydrate the spinal discs. Get an instant energy lift as you safely decompress the vertebrae and relieve lower back pain.

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