Alien Factions of the New World Order with Kerry Cassidy

Buzzsaw with Sean Stone
S2:Ep230 minsMarch 6, 2017

Kerry Cassidy has met with numerous insiders over the years and has become adept in coaxing out their tales of clandestine government and extraterrestrial operations. She has learned of the alien factions behind the new world order and the lengths they will go to protect their secrecy. From chemtrails and weather modification to ventures into secret space programs, she reveals the long-term stratagems of alien races vying for control over humanity’s future. The time has come for us to stand up and take our own power back by deepening our psychic abilities and pushing forward our collective spiritual ascension. Learn more in this interview with Sean Stone.

Instructor/Host: Sean Stone
Featuring: Kerry Cassidy
Video Language: English