Remote Viewing (David Morehouse)

Omega with Greg Zelonkas
S1:Ep2224 mins2001Guest: David Morehouse

A decorated army officer, David Morehouse's life changed when a freak accident left a bullet through his helmet. Abandoning the front lines, he was ushered into a secret governmental group practicing a unique method using consciousness to see events in the past, present and potential future. But David decided to use these skills in a way the army never dreamed possible.

Years Later, he began the program at Stanford Research Institute in Palo Alto California, in connection with the CIA, for what is now widely known as Remote Viewing. Now, get an inside view of David's elite program out of which more than 10,000 students now successfully practice the metaphysical protocol, including respected scientists, engineers and physicians.

Instructor/Host: Greg Zelonkas
Featuring: David Morehouse
Video Language: English