Energy Chi for Beginners

Energy is power, vitality, and health. "No quality is more important in our daily life than energy," explains instructor David-Dorian Ross. Chi, the life force or flow of energy in our bodies, is fortified by the practice of chi kung, exercises that increase chi circulation through flowing, graceful, and expanding movements. The exercises in this video are designed to move chi through your body by focusing on moving the spine (including twisting) and directing the flow of chi with gestures. The moves are slow and fluid, with weight-shifting, pivoting, and pushing motions similar to tai chi. Each movement has a descriptive name, such as "Washing the Face," "Rolling the Arms Like Windmills," and "The Rooster Stands on One Leg." The complete workout is 20 minutes and accessible to beginners, though a few balance moves may be challenging.

Audio Languages: English
Subtitles: English