Yoga Every Day
Season 15 . 16 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S15:Ep1, Heart Openers for Self-Love (Preview)
Episode 1
16 mins
Choose to practice self-love today and open your heart to yourself through movement and loving intention. This practice is centered around backbends and heart-opening postures.
Episode 2
17 mins
A slow flow to practice harnessing the grounded strength of warrior poses in order to blossom into the day.
Episode 3
16 mins
Often our emotions get locked up in the hips and hamstrings. Create more space in these areas to tap into a more blissful and open state of being.
Episode 4
17 mins
Many of us hold tension in our necks and shoulders. Enjoy some simple poses on the floor to free that tension.
Episode 5
18 mins
Focus on the relationship between your feet and the earth. Move through poses with a steady awareness of the downward flow of energy that awakens and nourishes your roots.
Episode 6
19 mins
Amidst a busy and full life, consciously slowing down is potent medicine. This practice focuses on deep and steady breath and meditative movement to go beyond the mind and access the soulful state of yoga where a deeper peace resides.
Episode 7
18 mins
In our day-to-day, we often neglect stretching and moving our side bodies. Not only do side-bending poses open up space for breath to get to muscles it doesn’t normally access, but these poses also feel so good!
Episode 8
20 mins
Experience the healing power of the water element. Go deep into the hips with soft, circular movements and find the openness of our heart so we can feel ourselves more fully and release any stuck and rigid energy from our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.
Episode 9
17 mins
Garuda (half-man half-bird diety) was asked by the other deities to diminish his size when he was first born because he was so big and appeared intimidating. This practice centers on eagle pose (garudasana) as a key to unlocking tension in the hips and shoulders, creating space for your physical and spiritual body.
Episode 10
16 mins
Prop yourself up to allow for more openness in your hamstrings. Give yourself the support you need to open up space in your body and invite new beginnings.
Episode 11
16 mins
Through embodying a heart opening posture like wild thing (camatkarasana), we can learn to extend loving kindness to ourselves and to others.
Episode 12
16 mins
Develop the strength of your center with this core-centric class. Explore a variety of core postures to strength in both the physical and emotional body.
Episode 13
17 mins
Yogis say that the human heart has the light of 108 suns. In this practice, tap into your inner light through core strengthening practices, breathwork, and heart openers.
Episode 14
21 mins
With all the time we spend looking at screens, eye stress is a real phenomena. Focus on releasing tension from the eyes and face through simple but effective yogic movements.
Episode 15
20 mins
Cultivate your inner warrior and find the balance between strength and softness, power and grace in this dynamic flow practice.
Episode 16
18 mins
Enjoy a breath practice, then move into some restorative, hip-opening poses to cultivate inner peace, soothe the nervous system, and calm the mind.