Yoga Every Day
Season 22 . 20 Episodes

Strengthen your daily routine and find balance with a series of yoga classes designed to bring simplicity to your personal practice and nurture your curiosity. With over 400, complete, 15 and 30-minute classes to choose from, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of yoga wherever you practice.

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S22:Ep1, Beauty in Twists (Preview)
Episode 1
17 mins
While it’s easy to forget, the essential nature of the universe is beauty and whatever life throws our way, that beauty is always here to help us. Remember the divine beauty (shri) that resides at our core and come into the mindset that life is constantly improving. Use twists to wring out whatever disguises the gilded radiance within and around us.
Episode 2
31 mins
There’s beauty (shri) in everything - the serious and the silly! In this lighthearted class, practice a funky variation of sugarcane pose (ardha chandra chapasana) and stay playful even when you find yourself wiggling in a sequence of balancing poses.
Episode 3
16 mins
In this backbending practice, invoke Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance and beauty to help summon shri (beauty) within and around us.
Episode 4
16 mins
Embrace the beauty of who you are by radiating out from the physical core, and the energetic third chakra.
Episode 5
31 mins
Illuminate the qualities of the earth and fire elements through standing poses and focused core strengthening to cultivate a strong sense of self and bring forth your beautiful and unique offerings.
Episode 6
17 mins
Explore freedom in the lower half of your body by creating space and movement into the legs, hips, and feet. This gentle practice is full of standing and seated postures.
Episode 7
31 mins
Freedom is about flowing towards what feels good and releasing what doesn't. This practice moves through a variety of deep hip openers, both standing and seated.
Episode 8
16 mins
Explore movement in your spine with some side body stretches, twists, and a few backbends.
Episode 9
15 mins
A gentle practice to release tension stored in your neck and shoulders. Open up to face the day with more freedom and ease!
Episode 10
31 mins
Arm balances can instill a sense of freedom from self-limiting thoughts and invoke courage on and off the mat. In this energizing practice, explore fundamentals to strengthen and prepare for crow and side-crow.
Episode 11
16 mins
Explore deep hip-openers while integrating purna, a Sanskrit word that means wholeness and refers to the perfection of things just as they are. Feel your hips and hamstrings release with accepting awareness.
Episode 12
30 mins
Warrior poses teach us how to access the power within. Invite these poses to fuel an embodied sense of power-FULLness and orient towards your natural state of wholeness.
Episode 13
16 mins
When we expand into the fullness of our hearts, life flows with grace and ease. Explore grounded backbends sourced from the very center of our being, allowing our hearts to naturally flower open.
Episode 14
16 mins
Consciously choose fullness as we explore our balance in standing poses such as tree pose and birds of paradise.
Episode 15
31 mins
This full-spectrum practice is a journey through effort and ease, activity and receptivity, focus and release. This practice supports your agility in flowing between these polar opposites with grace.
Episode 16
17 mins
In Sanskrit, spanda means the sacred pulse of consciousness. By connecting with the expansive vibration of the universe in this pracive, summon forth our own creative impulse and unify with the heartbeat of the Earth. Explore dancing warrior postures to find rhythmic balance between strong and soft.
Episode 17
31 mins
Your heart holds your rhythm and pumps fluid through your body. Connect to your heart with some fluid and water-themed heart openers.
Episode 18
15 mins
Discover the rhythm in the expansion and contraction of the wings of the eagle god Garuda, embracing the full possibility of who you are. Through balancing postures, we will find the rhythm, or spanda, in the stability.
Episode 19
16 mins
Bring ease to our hamstrings and through intention realign ourselves with the flow of Grace.
Episode 20
31 mins
This water-inspired class emphasizes fluidity on the mat and in our lives, with a well-blended, fast-paced, breath to movement sequence.